Warranty policy and condition for removable denture

Removable denture is a quick and cost-saving dental restoration. To help you feel more at ease when using this service, Nhan Tam dental clinic had offered the following removable denture warranty policy.

1. This warranty apply to

All customers who had removable denture treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

2. Warranty method

  • Warranty card
  • Online warranty

3. Warranty period

1 year after a service

4. Warranty Policy

If the denture fell out, chipped, cracked, broken hook within the warranty duration, customers will have a repair completely free. Beyond the warranty duration, patients will have a 10% discount of the fee.

5. Warranty Scope

 Patient attend at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for the repair.
The removable denture fell out, cracked, broken.
Has a valid warranty card within the warranty duration.
Did not follow to doctor’s instruction.
Denture is broken or chipped due to falling or eating hard foods (bone, ice, open beer bottle, etc.).


Removable denture might feel encumbering, obstructing in the first few days. It will take some time for the lips, cheeks system to get used to the denture.

Practice pronouncing by raising your voice.

Saliva secretion might increase in the first few days, after that it will return to normal.

Try eating soft food, chew small pieces of food, chew slowly and softly. Avoid hard food for at least 8 days.

After each meal, you should remove the denture and clean it. You should use soap to brush your teeth, not your toothbrush as it can erode the denture.

You should brush your teeth with a bucket of water so if it was dropped, it will not break.

A brand new denture might cause pain, but do not alter it on your own. Wear it for a least 1 day before bringing it to the clinic for proper adjustment.

At night, you should remove it and put it in a glass of water (with cover).

Replace the denture every 3.5 years, when the denture no longer fits.