Aesthetics shaping for exposed gums

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Gummy smile is a defect that makes you lose confidence in communication. Aesthetic shaping to reveal gums is one of the solutions to quickly and safely fix gummy smiles that many people choose. Let's learn this method together!

There are many causes of receding gums such as brushing teeth incorrectly, dental diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, patients who have lost teeth and are restored with porcelain bridges or removable dentures, and congenitally thin alveolar bone that refuses to accept gum recession. strong impact...

Depending on the condition, to shape the gums aesthetically, the doctor will prescribe treatment solutions such as gum shaping surgery, crown lengthening, upper lip lift surgery, gum surgery combined with orthodontics. Go to a reputable dentist for examination and the most suitable method.

What is gum recession?

Simply put, gum recession is a phenomenon in which the gums shrink and expose the tooth roots. This phenomenon can occur on one tooth, many teeth or the entire jaw, seriously affecting aesthetics and causing many other complications.

Teeth with receding gums, if not treated promptly, will affect the ability to chew. Over time, teeth can loosen and fall out. At the same time, receding gums expose tooth dentin, which is an ideal condition for food debris to adhere tightly to teeth, creating conditions for bacteria that are harmful to teeth to multiply, develop and cause other diseases such as pulpitis, periodontitis.

Gum recession is a phenomenon in which the gums shrink and expose the tooth roots

Causes of exposed gums

One of the causes of exposed gums is improper oral care. Above all, brushing too hard or brushing incorrectly over time will lead to gum recession.

Oral diseases such as periodontitis, gingivitis, etc., if not treated promptly, will lead to swollen gums, infection, bleeding gums, gradual receding gums and even tooth loss.

Gum recession can also occur when patients lose teeth and are restored with porcelain bridges or removable dentures. Neither of these two methods can prevent jaw bone loss, so over time the gums will recede, causing the jaw to shrink and the face to age quickly.

Gum recession can also be caused by congenitally thin alveolar bone that cannot withstand strong impacts. It causes the gums to recede and the tooth roots to be exposed.

Aesthetic shaping solution to expose gums

For cases requiring gum aesthetics, the treating doctor will design a beautiful smile for the customer through software. Smile design software helps measure and analyze smiles through image data to design the most suitable smile for customers. Normally, to shape the gums aesthetically, the doctor will prescribe the following treatment solutions:

  • Gingivoplasty: Used in cases of gum recession due to age or tooth loss or periodontitis. To thicken the gums and cover gum defects, the doctor prescribes gum implants and gum regeneration to shape the gum line in harmony with the teeth and lips, helping to achieve the most aesthetic smile.
  • Crown lengthening surgery: Performing surgery to adjust gum tissue and bone to make the crowns more visible so you have a beautiful smile and no longer have a gummy smile. Thereby also reducing gum diseases due to short gums and tooth crowns.
  • Corridor surgery: Performed by lifting the upper lip. Surgery on part of the muscle group that lifts the upper lip to reduce the pulling force of the lip muscles when smiling, helping the gums to no longer be exposed like before.
  • Gum surgery combined with orthodontic treatment: Applicable to mild cases of gummy smile to help correct gummy smile and help straighten teeth on the jaw.

Depending on the cause and condition, the doctor will prescribe appropriate gum aesthetic shaping

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Subjects should have aesthetic surgery to expose their gums

  • People with too much gum recession and exposed tooth roots cause more and more bacteria to accumulate, leading to infected gums and uneven gum color, causing serious loss of aesthetics.
  • People whose gums have receded for too long due to tooth loss and want to have Implant should also undergo gum graft surgery.
  • People with serious dental problems such as periodontitis leading to swollen and inflamed gums should also go to a reputable dentist to have the doctor treat and restore damaged gums.
  • People with gummy smiles have enlarged gums or teeth that are too short, making the gums quite exposed and causing an unsightly smile. At this time, the doctor will cut the gums and lengthen the crown of the tooth, giving you a more charming smile.

People with excessive receding gums and exposed tooth roots should have cosmetic surgery to expose the gums

Gum shaping process

Step 1: Examination, X-ray and treatment plan

The doctor takes X-rays and checks the patient's current dental condition. Provide the most appropriate and effective treatment regimen.

Step 2: Disinfect and inject anesthetic

The doctor cleans the patient's teeth to ensure that bacteria do not penetrate during gum contouring surgery. At the same time, to avoid the patient feeling sensitivity, pain, and discomfort, the doctor will administer anesthesia to make the patient feel more comfortable and confident.

Step 3: Perform gum shaping surgery

Based on the above treatment regimen, the doctor performs gum contouring surgery to restore the aesthetics of the gum line.

Step 4: Check the results

After shaping the gums, the doctor checks the harmony and aesthetics between the gums and teeth to ensure the patient has the most beautiful and confident smile.

Step 5: Instructions for post-operative care

The doctor will re-examine the patient to make sure the incision has stopped bleeding and the patient's condition is stable before going home. After that, the doctor will instruct you on how to care for the incision at home, prescribe pain medication, schedule a follow-up appointment, etc. Patients should follow instructions for best results

Frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery to reveal gums

Is gum surgery painful?

Before performing the procedure, the doctor administers anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. In addition, to avoid the situation of "losing money" when using the service, patients need to go to reputable dentists and highly qualified doctors.

Does gummy smile surgery have any effects?

Gummy smile surgery is considered minor surgery, the procedure is quite simple and does not affect oral health. In addition, they also help strengthen teeth, ensuring a more harmonious smile.

Gingivoplasty can weaken teeth

You can rest assured that gum contouring surgery is a safe dental technique, uses modern equipment and does not affect the real structure of the teeth at all. After surgery, teeth are still as strong as before.

Safe and effective gum regeneration aesthetics at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is a reliable gum shaping cosmetic address with many advantages such as:

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  • Applying modern technology in treatment with Cone Beam 3D X-ray CT system, Piezotome ultrasound machine in tooth crown lengthening surgery helps the process be completely smooth, painless, regenerates cells and supports Supports rapid wound healing./li>
  • The surgical environment is guaranteed to be sterile, fully meets the hygiene standards of the Ministry of Health, avoids cross-infection and is completely safe for patients.
  • Dedicated care, long-term warranty, appropriate treatment regimen.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is a reliable address for gum shaping cosmetic surgery

Hopefully the above information has helped you better understand aesthetic shaping for exposed gums. If you have any questions, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for the best advice!