All porcelain teeth and titanium porcelain teeth - Which should be done?

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Currently, porcelain crowns to fix chipped, broken, sparse, crooked, ... are becoming more and more popular. This method brings about even, naturally white teeth, and the implementation time is very quick. So between all-ceramic teeth and titanium teeth, which one should we choose?

Learn about all-ceramic and titanium-ceramic teeth

All-porcelain teeth

All-porcelain teeth are teeth that include the skeleton and outer shell made of pure porcelain. All-ceramic teeth are manufactured using modern CAD/CAM technology to create high-precision porcelain teeth with natural color like real teeth, limiting tooth grinding to only 0.6mm.

All-ceramic teeth are made entirely from pure porcelain

Advantages of all-ceramic teeth:

  • Natural color like real teeth; Perfect clarity, gloss, reflective.
  • High bearing capacity and durability, comfortable eating - chewing.
  • Completely benign to the body and absolutely safe for oral health.
  • Does not cause black gums, no bad breath after a period of use.
  • Long lifetime if well taken care of.

Disadvantages of all-ceramic teeth:

Because of their superior advantages compared to conventional porcelain teeth, all-ceramic teeth have a relatively high cost.

Titanium porcelain teeth

Titanium porcelain teeth have a Nickel-Chrom-Titanium alloy core on the inside, and the outside is covered with Ceramco3 porcelain enamel. Titanium teeth do not have a complete porcelain component, so in terms of sturdiness and aesthetics, they cannot be compared with full porcelain teeth. Therefore, the price of titanium teeth is also much lower.

Titanium porcelain teeth have a Nickel-Chrome-Titanium alloy core on the inside, and the outside is covered with Ceramco3 porcelain enamel

Advantages of titanium porcelain teeth:

  • Good aesthetics, natural like real teeth.
  • High durability helps customers eat and chew comfortably.
  • Do not cause irritation to the body and oral cavity environment.
  • Reasonable cost, suitable to the economic conditions of many people.

Disadvantages of titanium porcelain teeth:

  • Teeth have not too high optical properties, so when strong light shines on, the teeth will be opaque, reducing the aesthetics of the teeth.
  • After a long time of use, titanium porcelain teeth will be easily oxidized, causing the darkening of the gum line.

What is the difference between all-ceramic and titanium-ceramic teeth?

Regarding the dental process, both all-ceramic teeth and Titan teeth share the same steps. The specific porcelain crown process at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is as follows:

Step 1: Visit and consult

Before performing porcelain crowns, the doctor will conduct a general examination of the oral condition and instruct the client to take Panorex panoramic X-ray films to accurately identify defects, know the specific amount and such as the position of the teeth, the extent of the defects of the teeth that need to be corrected.

Step 2: Clean your teeth, take temporary teeth impressions, take pictures of your teeth

In this step, the doctor will clean the teeth, then take impressions of the teeth to make temporary teeth for the customer. Taking a picture of your face will serve as a premise for the next step, which is smile design.

Step 3: Design your smile

The doctor will comprehensively consider the harmony of the shape and color of the teeth with the customer's gums, lips, skin, and entire face, combined with porcelain crown procedure to correct defects and bring about beautiful smile for customers. Smile design will show future treatment results, helping doctors and customers easily discuss and choose the optimal treatment option.

Step 4: Grind the pulp to get the impression, attach temporary teeth

The doctor will numb the area to be made teeth to avoid feeling sensitive and uncomfortable for the customer during the procedure. The process of grinding teeth carefully does not affect the pulp or surrounding real teeth. After grinding and taking impressions with 3Shape 3D technology, the doctor will attach temporary teeth and schedule a date to attach porcelain teeth to customers.

Step 5: Make porcelain teeth

All patient data collected in the above steps will be transferred to Labo at the dental office for technicians to fabricate porcelain teeth. For CAD/CAM porcelain teeth, the whole process of designing - manufacturing porcelain teeth will be completely automated by machine, bringing high precision, delicate, sharp porcelain teeth to every detail, Moreover, the time to make teeth is also very fast, it can be completed in just 1 day.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, porcelain teeth are designed - manufactured using modern CAD/CAM technology

Step 6: Try porcelain and fine-tune the aesthetic until the customer is completely satisfied

The doctor will attach porcelain teeth to the customer, re-align the aesthetics and bite for optimal. For the case of many porcelain teeth, the doctor will attach the porcelain teeth with temporary cement (the teeth can be removed) for the customer to try chewing.

Step 7: Fix the porcelain crown, advise on oral care

After all standards for porcelain, teeth have been achieved and the customer is satisfied with the newly made porcelain teeth, the doctor will attach the porcelain teeth with permanent cement. Then carefully advise on how to take care of your teeth so that the porcelain teeth are preserved for a long time and schedule regular check-ups.

Which type should all porcelain teeth and titanium porcelain teeth do?

All-porcelain teeth or titanium porcelain teeth are all types of teeth commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. Normally, if the teeth need to be covered with porcelain on the inside, customers can choose titanium porcelain teeth to save costs. In the case of porcelain crowns for front teeth that require high aesthetics, most experts recommend using all-ceramic teeth.

Depending on the dental condition as well as financial conditions, customers can consider choosing between all-ceramic teeth and titanium porcelain teeth.

Pictures of customers with porcelain teeth at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Hopefully, the above information has helped you answer the question of whether to do all-ceramic or titanium-ceramic teeth. If you need more information or have a need for porcelain crowns, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for specific advice!