Braces process

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How does the braces process happen? This is a question that many customers are interested in. The braces process at Nhan Tam dental clinic will be introduced to help you visualize the time and procedure of braces.

First visit

Complete data collection, including:

  • General examination, and take pictures of oral and facial.
  • Get a sample of the teeth.
  • Take an X-ray film.

Before performing braces, patients will be examined by modern machinery, equipment, and advanced

Having a comprehensive and detailed treatment plan the data need to be analyzed. During the analysis, it should be assessed:

  • Causes and the deviation of the teeth.
  • Patient's shape: long, short or medium will have different types of treatment.
  • It is necessary to determine whether or not patients remain in the growth and development stage to decide the appropriate prevention treatment.
  • By using the development of jaw bone for orthodontic, the dental extraction or orthopedic surgery will be limited with development of jaw bone cases.

Second appointment: get a consultation

The braces process includes:

  • The appliance will be inserted.
  • Determine tooth extraction (if required).
  • Predict the end and the cost of treatment.

Separators, bands, and braces will be inserted if the patient agrees with the treatment plan. The following appointments may be about two weeks, one month, two months apart so the patient should visit the doctor depending on the progression of each patient's teeth. Archwire and braces will be forced to make deviated tooth into straight without harmful. Once the braces are in place, the patient will notice that they feel as though a piece of food is caught between their teeth. Usually, within 4-6 hours after placement, the soreness from tooth pressure/movement will begin. The dull ache feeling will normally worsen over the next day or two, and will then subside. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is one of the most critical actions needed from patients during braces.

Braces treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Persistence, determination, follow-up appointment adjustment and observance of the treatment process of the dentist need to be required because the braces process usually lasts 2 to 3 years.

The patient will be instructed to wear a retainer for at least one year to stabilize the results and to prevent the moving back their original position after the braces are removed.

Customer image of braces in Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

The above is the braces process in Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. Having an accurate treatment plan and getting a specialist consultation you need to go to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic because the treatment plan depends on the individual case.