Common oral diseases

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According to the statistics from the Ministry of Health, up to 90% of Vietnamese are suffering from dental diseases, most of which are tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and bruxism, etc. However, more than half of them only go to the clinic after the disease has become severe and negatively influenced life as well as work.

Tooth decay

According to the report at the oral care conference held in Ho Chi Minh City 2015, medical experts said that currently in Vietnam there are 75% people with permanent tooth decay.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan, Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, said that everyone is at risk of tooth decay, but the most common are children. Sudden pain or numbness when chewing hard foods, drinking cold or hot beverages may also be a symptom of decay.

The main cause of tooth decay is due to poor oral hygiene habits. The plaque left on teeth if not cleaned will create the ideal condition for bacteria in the oral cavity to proliferate, forming dark spots. Over time, these deep holes will grow wider, causing pain and discomfort for the patient when chewing. If there is no dentist intervention, tooth decay will not only kill the tooth’s pulp but also impact adjacent teeth.

"The most effective way to prevent tooth decay is maintaining your oral hygiene and regularly check your dental health every six months. In addition, everyone should brush their teeth at least 2 times a day and limit their intake of sweets, soft drinks in the evening" said Dr. Nhan.

Bad breath

According to doctors at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, bad breath although not dangerous to health but has a great influence on daily activities, especially in the patients’ communication.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan said that the main cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene, thereby creating conditions for bacteria to thrive. When eating, some food will stick in the teeth and mouth, if not removed, bacteria will quickly decompose and cause odors. In addition, having the habit of eating odorous food such as onions, garlic, etc, may also cause bad breath.

The treatment of bad breath will depend on the cause of the disease. The doctor first needs to examine the patient to find the cause and provide appropriate treatment accordingly. However, along with the treatment, patients should also be mind-full of some remedies that can overcome bad breath such as daily oral hygiene (brushing after eating at least twice a day), or floss properly to removes food and plaque between teeth at least once a day and drinks plenty of water.


According to medical records, bruxism is a phenomenon of excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth, which makes sounds while sleeping. Many people think this is just a habit and do not leave any consequences, however, if your teeth are clenched for a long time with no end, they can easily wear or even cracked, broken in case of patients who have their teeth filling or porcelain teeth. In addition, due to heavy use of force during clenching, patients can experience pain or sore in the jaw bone, etc.

To determine the cause of bruxism, dentists indicated that it might be because the bite joint (between the upper and lower jaw) is defective, due to anxiety, stress, agitation or emotional outbursts. In some cases, it is also because of the side effects of neurological drugs such as antidepressants, etc.

To treat bruxism, doctors will perform adjustments on the joint and make night guard for the patient. Adjusting the joint can help reduce clenching and wearing the night guard will help stop teeth wear, reduce fatigue or muscle pain.

These are the most common dental diseases. Aside from the prevention of disease by maintaining dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups, if there are abnormal signs, you should visit a prestigious dental clinic for a timely examination by the doctor.

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