Customer feedback at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 643
Happiness is seeing the smiles of loved ones. Thank you customers and families for trusting treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

Kelvin Vuong: “I was there as I had an ache in lower-rear molar. The staff was so warm and tenderly assisted me. Also, the dentist and her nurse were really friendly and helpful. Especially, if you just simply go for a check-up, it's totally free, and the services may include a free intraoral X-ray scanner, free washing out of food stuck in your painful tooth.”

Mister Doan: “I'm from the states and I'm very impressed with this first visit which included a fill and deep cleaning. Professional and to the point.”

Steve McEvoy: “I have nothing but praise for the work done here. Great facilities & wonderful dentists and staff. It’s been over 12 months since my work was finished & 2 years since I was first there. 6 implants, 8 root canals & about 20 crowns. Very happy. Affordable life changing work.”

Huyen Nguyen: I came from the Down Under Country, Sydney. I had 4 crowns done by Dr. Cuc and her assistant Mr. Trinh. Dr. Cuc and Mr. Tung worked professionally to ensure that my front tooth matched the other teeth. Dr. Nhan performed my two implants with bone grafting as my upper jawbone was missing. After one week, it was great as there were no implications because they are very careful about their dental equipment sterilization. A final note, we had consulted 3 other dental centers before we made our decision to use the Nhan Tam Nha Khoa. I will come back after 8 months for crowning my two implants. We appreciate their excellent service and would like to thank the following staff Dr. Kien, Bich Nguyen, Thuy, Ngan, Thao, Trang and Trinh. They deserve a five stars review and recommendations.”