Is teeth whitening dangerous?

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Dear doctor, my teeth are a bit yellow, making my smile less charming and losing confidence in life as well as when I go to lectures. I wonder if I should bleach my teeth because I heard many people say that bleaching can affect tooth enamel and cause pain. So can the doctor tell me if teeth whitening is dangerous? (Thuy Hang - Dong Nai)


Hello Thuy Hang!

Thank you for sharing your concerns with Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. With the question of whether teeth whitening is dangerous, we would like to answer specifically as follows.

Teeth whitening is one of the effective cosmetic tooth solutions in the case of yellow, dull teeth to regain a bright, confident smile. In just a short time, you will no longer have to be afraid to stand in front of your students because of yellow teeth.

When should teeth whitening?

We would like to answer that it is absolutely advisable to bleach teeth under suitable conditions. That is yellow teeth because of long-term plaque or eating foods that are easily stained on teeth. Teeth whitening will give you the best results. However, the advice of the dentist is that you should choose a reputable address with modern equipment and techniques, ensuring standards for implementation.

Is teeth whitening dangerous?

There are many methods to change the color of teeth, in which teeth whitening is widely applied in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Teeth whitening is researched as safe for oral health, does not harm tooth enamel, does not change tooth structure if done correctly. To ensure safety and achieve optimal results, you should find a dentist that uses genuine bleach, a modern whitening light system. In case of home bleaching, there should also be the appointment and supervision of a dentist, avoiding the use of external drugs of unknown origin with arbitrary concentrations, which can spread to the gums, leading to diseases. serious oral health.

Teeth whitening is researched as safe for oral health

Teeth whitening results vary from person to person, depending on the cause and the initial staining. Whiteness may decrease over time but still whiter than the original tooth color.

Most people can whiten their teeth, with a few exceptions:

  • Pregnant and lactating women, because the active ingredients in teeth whitening products affect the health of children later in life.
  • For children under 16 years old, because teeth whitening can irritate the pulp, teeth will become more sensitive.
  • People who are suffering from periodontitis, tooth decay, worn neck teeth, open neck teeth.
  • People with signs of allergy to bleach.

Pregnant women should not whiten their teeth

There are many cases of feeling sensitive after teeth whitening. However, this is a normal symptom, not dangerous, seen in 60% of teeth whitening cases. Because the dentin layer has sensory tubes, when touched, it will cause mild sensitivity for a few days, nothing to worry about.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic provides safe, effective, and reputable teeth whitening teeth-whitenings. Especially with Laser Teeth whitening technology, customers will feel less sensitivity, the effect is about 20% more prominent than conventional whitening systems. If you still have any questions that need to be answered, please immediately contact Hotline 1900 56 5678, experts will advise you specifically.