Should we have braces for impacted teeth?

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Question: Hi doctor! I have a tooth that grows deep into the upper arch like a impacted teeth. The shape of this tooth closely resembles a premolar or a canine but I'm not sure because it doesn't come out all the way. I hope the doctor can advise me whether the braces should grow out of my jaw or should I just pull them out? Thank doctors! (Quynh Nhu - Hanoi)


Thank you for your trust and sharing with us. With your question, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic would like to answer as follows:

Should we have braces for impacted teeth?

Determining whether braces should grow out of the jaw or not will be very difficult to accurately describe if you just describe it like that. To be able to specify a specific treatment for braces, the doctor must carefully consider the results of a detailed examination.

If the arch has fully grown teeth, there is no need for braces, just pulling them out. If the arch is missing teeth, there are usually 2 treatment indications as follows:

  • Impacted teeth but it is clear which shape is the tooth, the identification is quite easy. Just compare with the teeth on the jaw to see if there are missing teeth in that position and do braces to pull the teeth back to the arch.
  • Impacted teeth but it is not clear which shape is the tooth, after the braces return to the missing tooth position, it will need to be reshaped by porcelain crowns to regenerate the teeth. But if you don't want braces, just pull out the stray teeth and replant the missing teeth.

Depending on the condition of the teeth, the doctor will give appropriate indications

Treatment options for impacted teeth

In all braces situations, it is important to note an additional point that direct braces only when there is space available on the dental arch in the correct position of missing teeth. In case there is not enough space, it is necessary to get braces to pull the teeth or widen the jaw to make room for the stray teeth to come in.

As such, the direction of treatment will have to be very flexible, it is impossible to be sure which direction will treat you. It is best to go directly to the dentist for the most accurate advice.

If you have braces for impacted teeth, you will be done with modern 3M UGSL technology. The technology has been successfully invented by orthodontists at Forsyth Dental Hospital - USA with the following 4 outstanding advantages:

  • Helps to move the teeth to the right position, in harmony with the teeth on the whole jaw, the bite ensures standard proportions, and a harmonious mouth.
  • The orthodontic effect ensures that the doctor's plan is correct in the treatment regimen, there is no difference affecting the movement of the teeth.
  • No pain, no great friction, no loosening of brackets while wearing on teeth, saving maximum treatment time.
  • The technique does not damage the jawbone and teeth. Both teeth and bones are well adapted and stable during and after treatment.

Braces are the best solution for impacted teeth

Whether you have any wishes or questions about your teeth, please contact or visit Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for accurate examination and advice and the best possible treatment plan.