Should you get your teeth whitened?

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Hi doctor! I am 26 years old this year, my teeth are stained yellow and look very ugly, making me lose confidence in communication. I am afraid to laugh and talk to friends and colleagues. I was recommended by my friends that teeth whitening will make my teeth whiter and more beautiful, so can I ask if I should whiten my teeth or not, and is there any danger in teeth whitening? Please advise me, thank you very much. (Tu Anh – Can Tho)


Best regards, Tu Anh,

Thank you for trusting and sending questions, sharing questions with Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. With your question about whether to whiten your teeth, we would like to answer as follows:

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a method of using bleach and modern light technology, which has the effect of removing from deep inside the layers of yellow dentin, dull, plaque, tartar ... to help teeth become bright white, natural color, higher gloss, and better adhesion.

Whitening helps to bring bright white teeth

Should you get your teeth whitened?

Teeth whitening is a method to help remove plaque that makes teeth yellow and dark, helping you to be more confident in communication and at work. Currently, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is applying both teeth whitening methods: teeth whitening at home and teeth whitening at the clinic. Each method has certain advantages and limitations, but dentistry is applying the most advanced teeth whitening technologies in the world.

Laser Whitening is considered to be a superfast whitening method by experts

Should teeth whitening or not? If you want to have bright white teeth, no longer dull or unsightly yellow, then teeth whitening is the most ideal choice for you to have beautiful teeth, a confident smile.

With just 1 procedure, you will have the beautiful teeth you want, so you can be more confident when communicating and get the perfect smile. Moreover, teeth whitening also contributes to reducing oral diseases such as tartar, bad breath... Usually, depending on the condition of each person's teeth and the method of implementation, the whiteness of the teeth can be maintained. maintained for 3 to 5 years.

Teeth whitening at home is a method utilized by many people

However, teeth whitening is only suitable for people whose teeth are discolored due to drinking tea, coffee, wine, smoking, improper oral hygiene... From a dead tooth, endogenous color, or antibiotic infection, you only have one way to fix it: porcelain crown. Therefore, the best way you should go directly to Nhan Tam dental clinic to get a direct and thorough consultation from a doctor, and then you will be able to answer the question of whether to whiten your teeth or not?

If you still have any questions about whether to whiten your teeth or not, please continue to share with Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, we are always ready to answer for you.