Warranty policy and condition for brace - orthodontic

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There are many concerns about orthodontic - brace services. During the treatment, the braces can fell out or the teeth returning to the faulty position after the treatment, which waste time and money. With the following orthodontic warranty policy of Nhan Tam dental clinic, customers can be at ease when using this service.

1. This warranty apply to

All customers who had braces – orthodontic treatment at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

2. Warranty method

  • Warranty card
  • Online warranty

3. Warranty period

5 years after a service

4. Warranty Policy

If the malocclusions reappeared after the treatment within the warranty duration, patients will have another treatment completely free. Beyond the warranty duration, patients will have a 10% discount, a 20% discount for remaking retainers.

5. Warranty Scope

 Patient attend at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.
Malocclusions reappeared after the treatment.
Has a valid warranty card within the warranty period.
Change retainers every 2 years.
The patient did not wear retainer following to the doctor’s instruction.
Did not visit the dental clinic every 6 months.
Did not change retainer every 2 years.


During orthodontic treatment, you will feel sensitivity and discomfort because of the brace. Even the lips, cheeks and tongue also feel restricted, making conversations less natural. However, in time, this sensation will be reduced.

During the first few days of orthodontic treatment, you should eat soft, liquid, non-sticky food such as congee, soup, milk, etc. to avoid pain and avoid affecting the brace.

Refrain from eating hard, chewy food, etc. Reduce sweet food, food containing sugar and starch as they can produce acid causing tooth decay and other dental problems.

Use soft bristle brushes combine interdental brushes to clean the teeth as well as the brace and archwire, etc. Also, you can use mouth rinses, dental floss to fully clean the teeth.

During the orthodontic process, you can go on with your daily routine however try to reduce intense activities.

Visit the dentist according to instruction to examine the movement of the teeth and make appropriate adjustments. After orthodontic treatment, you should also visit the clinic periodically every 6 months.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic always strives to provide the best service to customers from a team of doctors, facilities, equipment - machinery to warranty policies and customer services, etc. If there are any problems please contact Nhan Tam dental clinic for consultation free of charge.