8 basic principles of dental care for kids

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According to the Australian Dental Association, there are eight basic principles of dental care for children. Having good dental care from a young age, your child's teeth will be healthy until later life.

Children who receive early dental care will have strong teeth

8 basic principles of dental care for kids

1. Eat more nutritious foods, especially foods contain much calcium but less acid and sugar.

2. Eat nutritious snacks such as cheese or fruit.

3. Drink a lot of water.

4. Brush teeth gently and thoroughly at 2-7 years old with a low-fluoride toothpaste

5. Use a soft-bristle and small-head brush

6. Brush teeth at least twice a day (preferably after breakfast time and just before bedtime).

7. Get a regular dental visit and do not wait until the teeth have problems.

8. Make a habit of dental visit at a young age (or at least 3 years old).

Make routine dental appointments for small children

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