Why don't baby teeth fall out for permanent teeth to come in?

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Hello doctor, I am 19 years old this year. All permanent teeth have erupted, only the left upper canine is still a baby tooth. This tooth is smaller and shorter than the other teeth, looks very distorted and ugly, so every time I smile, I feel very unnatural and self-conscious because I still have baby teeth. Now that tooth has shown signs of loosening. Please advise why baby teeth do not fall out so that permanent teeth can grow in and now what should I do? Thank you very much, doctor! (Thu Hien - Ha Tinh)


Hi Thu Hien, thank you for trusting and sharing your concerns with Nhan Tam Dental Center. Regarding your questions, we will specifically answer you as follows.

Why don't baby teeth fall out as an adult?

According to the normal teething schedule, the baby tooth in the position of the upper canine will be replaced by the permanent teeth when you are 11 years old. But for some reason, this tooth does not fall out and it will stay on the arch for a while and then fall out.

The reason why baby teeth do not fall out is mainly that the permanent teeth do not erupt. Near the time of tooth replacement, the baby tooth will gradually loosen because the permanent tooth sprouts emerge below. At a certain time, the permanent teeth that grow tall will push the baby teeth out completely without any intervention.

Normally, the baby teeth in the upper canine position will be replaced by permanent teeth when you are 11 years old

However, in some of your cases, because the permanent teeth do not come in, your baby teeth cannot fall out. If you are 19 years old, the possibility that the baby teeth do not fall out is because the permanent teeth are trapped, growing underground, your highest possibility is that you absolutely do not have any permanent teeth underneath.

What is the solution for you?

The fastest way for you to verify it is to go to the dentist to take a film and verify. In this situation, you need to determine that it cannot be maintained permanently. Moreover, the teeth you already have signs of wobbling, these baby teeth will sooner or later fall out. Therefore, it is best if you want to fix it, you should not rely on the foundation of this tooth.

The remedy is that you can extract the tooth to plant new teeth for the position of the canines to harmonize with the size of the other teeth on the jaw. Or you wait a few more years, when the tooth is completely lost, a new tooth will be replanted in this position.

You should go to the dentist to take a film to know the reason why baby teeth do not fall out

The best solution to solve the problem of baby teeth not falling out so that the permanent teeth can grow is a dental implant. Implants are one of the greatest scientific achievements in the history of dentistry, helping to restore lost teeth to lifelike both in terms of aesthetics and function. Dental implants are titanium posts that are implanted into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth roots. Dental Implants have both roots and crowns, so they look like real teeth. This solution has many advantages to suit your situation:

  • Do not grind real teeth (The classic technique of grinding real teeth to make abutments and 15% of teeth that are ground will have pulp damage).
  • Prevents alveolar bone loss, maintains facial muscle gravity, lips and cheeks are not pulled in, does not cause facial deformation, keeps aesthetics and youthfulness.
  • The taste does not change, the patient still perceives the food as soft or hard, hot or cold, sour or sweet, spicy or not spicy, etc., making it more appetizing.
  • Limit gingivitis, tooth decay,...
  • Restoring the complete tooth, both crown, and root coincides with the real tooth in size ratio and grooves on the tooth surface, especially the chewing surface. Strong and durable dental post, maximum force to help you eat and chew like real teeth.
  • Teeth are durable, long life, even permanent, but the restoration time is shortened to a maximum of 3-4 weeks and only takes 15 minutes to place each root post into the jawbone.

Implant is the optimal solution to restore lost teeth today

These values have been proven through thousands of implant surgeries, rehabilitation, and aesthetics, which are highly appreciated by customers at Nhan Tam dental clinic. Hopefully, the information we have just shared helps you answer the question of why baby teeth do not fall out so that permanent teeth can grow and soon have a specific remedy. Hope you soon find your confident smile and healthy teeth again.