Dental Care and Pregnancy

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Experts say that hormonal changes in pregnant women combined with a number of other favorable factors can cause dental diseases in pregnant women. Therefore, oral care during pregnancy in women is very important, because it not only affects the mother's health but sometimes also affects the baby.

Dental diseases are common in pregnant women

Gingivitis is the most common disease in pregnant women, not only due to bacterial infection but also due to blood circulation disorders in the gums. This phenomenon usually appears in the 3rd month and gradually decreases until the 8th month.

However, without intervention, along with poor oral hygiene, gingivitis can turn into periodontitis. Symptoms of the disease are bleeding when brushing teeth, bad breath, exposed tooth roots, gums turning from pink to red and swollen and painful.

Dental diseases are often seen in pregnant women

Some other dental diseases that often appear in pregnant women are tooth decay, bad breath, teeth that quickly become discolored due to lack of calcium... Therefore, oral hygiene in pregnant women is extremely important.

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How to take care of your teeth during pregnancy?

Before getting pregnant

Dr Vo Van Nhan, Director of Nhan Tam Dental Center, said that if a woman had dental diseases before pregnancy, she can develop these diseases during pregnancy. Therefore, women need to take care of their teeth as soon as they intend to get pregnant.

It is important to always maintain good oral hygiene. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and use fluoride-rich toothpaste to protect tooth enamel. After each meal, you need to rinse your mouth thoroughly and use dental floss to remove food stuck between your teeth.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, women often experience heartburn, fatigue, and changes in eating habits.

To prevent this condition from affecting your health or teeth, you can use a gauze pad with toothpaste to clean your teeth, then rinse your mouth with clean water. Do this to avoid the risk of nausea in pregnant women.

Because during pregnancy, women have to regularly eat and drink, especially foods containing a lot of sugar and starch, so oral hygiene is also very important, because otherwise they are susceptible to tooth decay. , bad breath, periodontitis develops over time...

If you have symptoms of dental disease, you should immediately contact a dentist for timely advice and treatment.

Absolutely do not use medicine on your own, especially tetracycline because this medicine can darken your child's teeth later on.

Furthermore, using any antibiotic during pregnancy is not good for both mother and baby's health.

Pregnant women need to take careful care of their teeth

After birth

After giving birth, to avoid teeth becoming more sensitive, "new mothers" need to limit the use of foods that are too hot, too cold or too hard. Instead, you should eat crunchy vegetables and foods high in calcium to ensure both nutrition and good for your teeth.

Thus, it can be seen that during pregnancy, women will be very susceptible to dental diseases. And more dangerously, these diseases will have negative effects on the baby in the womb and can cause pregnant mothers to give birth prematurely.

Therefore, dental care during pregnancy is extremely necessary. Ideally, every 4-6 months, women should have their oral health checked once so that the doctor can control diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease...

In the city. HCM, women can go to Nhan Tam Dental Center to have their teeth examined and examined by highly qualified and experienced doctors. If you still have concerns about dental care during pregnancy, you can contact us directly at 1900 56 5678 for more specific advice.