Dental care for pregnant women

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During pregnancy, if you do not take good care of your teeth, it will make your teeth vulnerable, which can lead to dangerous dental problems.

However, women often have teeth problems in the period of pregnancy, due to many reasons such as the needs of nutrients for the fetus which makes the mother more likely to be hungry and crave for food, which can increase the risk of tooth decay. Vomiting can cause your teeth to be more prone to decay and erosion due to the stomach acid. Vomiting can also make you shy away from brushing.

Pregnant women are prone to dental diseases

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes make mothers more susceptible to gingivitis, periodontitis when there is a local cause such as plaque. Inflammation cases that are worse than normal people sometimes can lead to swollen gum.

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes make mothers more susceptible to gingivitis

Some places still have an illogical concept which is to prevent pregnant women from brushing within a month after birth so the teeth would not "fall off early". It is the act of not brushing teeth in a month that cause severe periodontal diseases that lead to tooth loss.

Therefore, to keep the teeth healthy during pregnancy and after birth: Pregnant women need to have enough nutrients and eat properly. Maintain thorough oral hygiene even more than the time before pregnancy. Use dental products that have fluorine to prevent tooth decay and erosion. Maintain brushing routine after birth.

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