How to care for your dentures?

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 684
In the elderly, when using dentures should be clean and sanitary attention. Wearing removable dentures all day will easily create bacteria in the mouth that cause discomfort if not cleaned.

Possible dangers if dentures are not cleaned properly

Removable dentures are a new method of restoring teeth in case of missing a few teeth or the entire jaw. Patients using dentures often face the following risks:

  • Food debris, bacteria easily cause periodontal diseases for real teeth.
  • Colorants in food and food easily adhere to dentures, causing natural discoloration, making teeth unsightly.
  • Dentures used for a long time in the oral environment will be prone to bad breath.
  • Bacteria and mold easily accumulate under the denture, causing ulcers for the gums.
  • After a period of use, the false gums are enlarged, do not fit tightly to the jawbone, causing painful gums when chewing, even causing severe gum damage if left for a long time.

Wearing removable dentures will cause bad breath

Some notes when cleaning dentures

After each meal, the denture should be removed, cleaned and gums cleaned twice a day.

Scrub dentures with a soft brush with soap that does not contain denture abrasives. Do not use regular toothpaste or strong detergents such as bleach to clean dentures because it is easy to wear dentures.

Remove the denture at night and soak it in a glass of water, it is recommended to use more medicine to soak the jaw.

When cleaning the denture, it should be placed on a soft cloth or soaked in water, in case it accidentally drops the jaw.

If cracks or dentures cause discomfort, visit your dentist to have it repaired.

Should clean removable dentures daily

Hopefully, the ways to care for and clean removable dentures that we share above will help you protect your oral health in the best way, as well as help your removable teeth be protected for a long time.