A few notes after dental Implant for diabetic patients

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Not all cases can perform dental implants. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the diseases before performing to ensure absolute safety.

For patients with diabetes, dental implants become an extremely sensitive and worrisome issue. Many questions are raised: ‘‘Can I have dental implants with diabetes? What are the notes after dental Implant in patients with diabetes? This article will help you learn useful information about diabetes and Implant.

Can patients with diabetes have dental implants?

Diabetes belongs to a group of diseases that are relatively contraindicated in most dental-related services, including Dental Implants. High blood sugar creates narrowing in the blood vessels, limiting the process of cell nourishment as well as reducing the resistance of health. Therefore, when performing dental implants for people with uncontrolled diabetes will make the wound difficult to heal, easy to cause infection.

However, patients with diabetes can still have dental implants if the blood sugar is between 7-10 mmol/liter. Conversely, if the glycemic index is too high, it is necessary to treat it to reduce it to <=10mmol/l before the transplant can be carried out. In addition, patients need to pay attention that the implantation must be done at a reputable dentist, with full equipment, and must be absolutely sterile to avoid infection, ensure that the wound heals quickly and does not occur. any complications.

People with diabetes can have dental implants if the disease is controlled

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is proud to be one of the few dentists that have successfully performed dental implants for many patients with diabetes. The positive comments and stable health of patients are now living proof that creates a bright spot on the prestige of dentistry.

A few notes after dental Implant for people with diabetes

After dental implant placement, you may have mild pain - dull for a few days, a lot of swelling on the 2nd day, and will subside in the following days. To limit this feeling, you should apply ice outside the lips or cheeks corresponding to the implant area, in the following days, apply warm water to dissolve the hematoma and reduce swelling.

Take medicine according to the doctor's prescription, do not arbitrarily buy medicine from outside. After a week, return for a follow-up appointment according to the schedule given by the doctor.

Do not eat or chew for about 1 hour after implanting the Implant teeth, the following days can eat and chew normally (do not chew on the implanted area). However, it is necessary to avoid foods that are too hard, too chewy, too hot, or too cold, but should eat soft foods such as porridge, soup, etc.

After dental Implant, you can apply ice to relieve pain and reduce swelling

Absolutely do not smoke before and after the transplant for a few days to avoid making the wound not close.

Always maintain good oral hygiene. You can use mouthwashes as well as floss from 3 days after surgery to be able to get food in the small interstitial spaces. This helps to keep the wound clean and heal faster.

Diabetics who want to perform dental implants need to consult a specialist doctor and need to do general tests and paraclinical tests before implementation. The results of the health check will determine whether the implant is feasible or not.

Above are a few notes after dental Implant. If you still have any questions that need to be answered or want to make an appointment, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic at Hotline 1900 56 5678 or register using the form below.