Beautiful smile design with dental crowns and veneers

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Crown and veneer are both solutions to optimally overcome teeth defects. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, customers will have a beautiful smile with Smile Design Pro software which allows you to see the result before treatment, choosing a smile when undergoing crown, veneer treatment.

Smile design software - a general view before crown, veneer treatment

With the smile design software, all data and images of the patient are fully analyzed, calculated including: harmonize in color, shape, lip, skin, smile line and overall facial structure.

After getting the analysis result, the doctor will prescribe necessary dental procedures such as gum adjustment, gum graft, teeth whitening, cosmetic crowns, veneer, bone graft, implant placement, etc., in order to overcome imperfections, providing beautiful teeth for the patient.

Smile designs are performed entirely on specialized analysis software, giving the most accurate result

The purpose of smile design in crown and veneer treatment

Appealing smile design with crowns and veneers will bring outstanding benefits such as:

  • Giving accurate treatment prescription, minimize treatment duration, limiting additional treatment, giving customers the best result.
  • Help customers to know the main problem they are having as well as understanding the doctors' prescriptions, creating cooperation between doctors and customers throughout the crown and veneer treatment process.
  • Customers can discuss with the doctors, loved ones to choose the most satisfying smile.
  • Seeing the result before treatment, giving assurance to customers.

A customer who had crown treatment with smile design at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

When should you have dental crown treatment to restore teeth?

After proceeding with smile design to find the cause and appropriate treatment method, the doctor will prescribe cosmetic restoration for cases such as: tooth decay, chipped, broken teeth, teeth with treated pulp, mild spacing, overjet, underbite, and deviation.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, cosmetic crown treatment utilized modern technology with 3D ConeBeam CT system, modern CAD/CAM crown fabrication system, digital impression software 3Shape, etc., which provide crowns with high cosmetic, natural, lively color and identical to real teeth.

Crown treatment result at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

When should you have veneer?

Veneer treatment is an effective solution for cases such as: yellowed, antibiotic stained, flour stained teeth, spacing, chipped, broken teeth. Mild cases of crooked teeth, overjet, underbite can also be treated with veneers.

Veneer after restoration ensure cosmetic, rigidness combines with effective chewing capability. Overcoming the imperfections of the teeth, at the same time, provide a natural and attractive smile.

Veneer treatment result at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Crown and veneer procedure with smile design software at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, crown and veneer procedure will be performed according to the international standard 5D CT crown procedure, guarantee safety, and effectiveness for customers.

Step 1: Examination, x-rays, and consultation

Perform consultation, take x-rays with 3D ConeBeam CT system to evaluate the overall dental condition, bite correlation in order to quickly devise the most effective treatment regimen.

Step 2: Oral hygiene

Customers will proceed to have tartar removal, overall oral hygiene before crown and veneer treatment.

Step 3: Designing smile with Smile Design Pro

To perform smile design, the doctor will provide the images to the software to analyze the teeth line, smile line, and the correlation between teeth, lips, gum.

Based on the analysis' result, oral characteristic and imperfections that customers want to change, the doctor will prescribe the treatment and devise a detail treatment regimen to discuss with the customer to choose the most desired smile.

An overall look before treatment help doctor to accurately standardize and provide effective treatment

Step 4: Teeth trimming and getting teeth impression

The doctor will trim the teeth and get the teeth impression with 3Shape software. These parameters will be transferred to the lab, the technicians will proceed to fabricate the crowns accurately according to the doctor's instruction.

Step 5: Crown restoration

Attaching the crowns or veneer onto the teeth, securing and finishing to ensure chewing capability and cosmetic.

Stage 6: Complete treatment and home care instruction

After completing the treatment, the doctor will schedule a follow-up visit (if available) and give instruction on proper dental care at home so that the crowns are durable and long-lasting.

Nhan Tam Dental Cinic - The Leading cosmetic crown center - bringing the best treatment quality

A team of doctors with more than 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic crowns, always give precise prognoses for each case of dental misalignment.

Genuine smile design software, help patients to freely discuss and choose the desired smile.

Modern lab system right at the clinic, giving the most complete, detailed, and quickest crown designing process.

Modern sterilization system, eliminating cross-contamination, ensure complete safety for the patients.

Dedicated care before, during and after treatment.