Braces pain: how to get rid of it fast?

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Braces are a method that many people choose to beautify their teeth. However, many people still worry that braces will hurt. Are braces painful? Let's see the expert answer.

Do braces hurt?

Because braces use appliances to create a force to pull teeth to move to the right position, eliminating the situation of teeth that are messy, misaligned, sparse, overgrown, underbite, so sometimes you will experience discomfort or pain. when braces.

Usually, you will feel pain in stages such as interdental separation, braces, tooth extraction (if any), and periodic teeth tightening. The pain only lasts about 3-5 days and when you get used to the strange "friend" on the tooth, the pain or sensitivity will pass.

Invisalign braces and traditional braces

The level of pain when braces are also affected by the method, instrument, technology, and skill of the doctor. If you choose the right place of reputable braces, have a team of good doctors, and modern equipment and technology, the pain will be very mild and the pain will quickly disappear.

Six easy ways to reduce braces pain

1. Use soft food

While wearing braces, the teeth will be squeezed and subjected to the pulling force to move back to the standard position, so the teeth and gums become quite sensitive. Hard, pliable, chewy foods will cause the teeth to work hard, causing painful symptoms. Therefore, to avoid pain when braces, you should eat soft foods such as porridge, soup, soft rice, cut or minced food.

2. Use hot packs/cold packs

If you feel pain, you can use a hot/cold pack or towel around the painful area to ease the pain of braces.

3. Gargle with saltwater

When teeth are sensitive, painful, or have sores, mouth ulcers caused by rubbing braces, using warm salt water to rinse your mouth is also a simple and effective way to reduce pain - antibacterial.

4. Take pain relievers

In case the pain persists and makes it difficult to eat, you need to go to the dentist right away for a checkup and instructions on the use of pain relievers.

5. Use dental wax

Dental wax helps protect your lips and gums from rubbing caused by brackets, thereby reducing discomfort or pain quickly.

6. Wear protective gear

Protective gear is an indispensable friend every time you do sports. They not only help protect the mouth from external influences but also have the effect of reducing pain when unfortunately braces cause discomfort to the soft tissues in the mouth.

Thus, when wearing braces, you will experience severe or mild pain depending on each case. However, there are many pain relievers and the pain will pass quickly, so braces are not as "terrible" as people think. And after all, braces will give you a straight, straight set of teeth and a bright smile, totally worth the patience and effort you put in. If you have any questions about orthodontics - braces, you can contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic at hotline 1900 56 5678 for a free consultation from an expert.