Bridgework or dental implant what is better for one missing teeth?

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Dental bridge and dental implant are methods that can restore missing teeth. However, choosing the best solution to satisfy all function like chewing, aesthetics, and durability remains a concern for most patients.

Teeth-loss if not treated in time would negatively influence dental health and appearance of patients. When one or more teeth are missing, the remaining teeth will be displaced, shifting to a different position over time, altering the bite joint, causing tooth decay and gum diseases. Therefore, teeth restoration is very important.

Both bridgwork and dental implant placement can restore teeth-loss. However, each method has different characteristics and depends on the patient's oral health and economic conditions. So which is the most effective method?

The differences between bridgework and dental implant placement

Bridgework method

Bridgework is a method of restoring lost teeth by using a dental bridge to connect two sides of the missing teeth. Each bridge consists of two crowns and a number of artificial teeth in the middle. The crowns will be fitted on top of two existing teeth on the two sides of the missing area.

Previously, when this method just appeared, using bridgework is considered to be the best dental restoration method. This method has many advantages such as bringing a new look for teeth, well secured, beautiful both in color and in shape as real teeth. In addition, dental restoration requires just 2 to 3 appointments to complete the treatment. At the same time, a dental bridge provides chewing function equivalent to real teeth and cost a lot less than dental implants.

Restoring missing teeth using bridgework does not prevent bone loss at the area of the missing teeth, lead to gum recession, causing the bridge to become loose, easy for food to get stuck, then you need to make another bridge to ensure aesthetics and chewing capability.

Dental implant

A dental implant is a titanium fixture implanted directly into the jaw bone to replace the missing tooth root. Once the fixture has been integrated into the jawbone, the surgeon will secure a fixed crown on top.

Dental implant placement helps restore missing teeth that is identical to the real one, both in term of aesthetic and chewing function, while avoid affecting adjacent teeth and prevent the recession of bone and gum. This is considered to be one of the greatest scientific achievements in modern dentistry.

Comparison between dental implant and bridgework

Which method is better for one missing tooth?

If losing one tooth, should patients choose dental implant placement or using a bridge? Dental experts recommend that if you have a good health condition and financial eligibility, you should choose dental implant. Not only will implant placement bring high aesthetic value it will also bring many other advantages, overcoming the limitations of bridgework.

  • Dental implant ensures stable operation in the jaw as well as the teeth, keeping it secured and durable, even in cases of bone, gum recession due to tooth loss or dental bridge failure.
  • Dental implant brings high aesthetics by stable implant identical to the real teeth, the crowns fitted on the fixture are 100% porcelain teeth, designed with cutting-edge technology providing natural colors, like real teeth.

Implant structure

  • Dental implant placement is an independent method and does not affect the adjacent teeth, while bridgework requires the grinding of the adjacent teeth for support.
  • Because the structure is similar to a real tooth, including the crown and the root, so durability and the level of senses are the same as natural teeth.
  • This method is effective at preventing jaw bone recession because the implant fixtureis integrated into the jaw bone, acting as the root. Moreover, implanted teeth can last forever if well cared for with no additional cost of time and money like using bridgework.

Because of these advantages, dental implant placement requires a higher price. However, the results that dental implant placement brings definitely offset the cost. When accounting for the health condition as well as the cost of implementing dental bridges, grafted bone grafted gum, etc. Implant from the beginning is still the wisest choice in the long run.

The choice of dental implant placement or bridgework still depends a lot on the specific dental condition as well as the financial status of each patient. Therefore, it is best to go to a reputable dentist so that your doctor can examine and consult on the best method for you.

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