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Cosmetic crown treatment is a method to optimized dental cosmetic chosen by many patients. To ensure the best result as well as health, we need to know some details before crown treatment.

At what age should crown treatment be performed?

Cosmetic crowns are usually utilized to treat tooth decay, chipped, broken, deviated, yellowed teeth, mild underbite, overjet, etc.

Normally, the doctor will prescribe crown treatment for patients aged from 18 or older. At that age, permanent teeth had fully erupted, the jaw bone fully developed, because of that, crown treatment does not affect the patients' dental health.

However, in some cases, patients who are under 18 but suffered from tooth decay, broken teeth due to injuries, accidents, the doctor will prescribe crown treatment to protect the remaining real teeth in order to ensure cosmetic and chewing - eating needs of the patients.

Crown treatment can be performed at what age?

Factors that contributed to an effective crown treatment

To ensure an great cosmetic result, the following factors are required:

  • Correct prescription: Choosing a proficient and experienced doctor will ensure accurate treatment, help the crowns to be durable, beautiful, harmonized with the gum, skin, and smile.
  • Effective pulp treatment: For patients with big pulp chambers, most doctors will advise on removing the pulp first before crown treatment to avoid pulpitis later.
  • Teeth trimming: This requires accurate technique, no biological invasion, no excessive grinding, maintain the long-lasting structure.

Crown fabrication procedure require absolute precision

  • Accurate impression acquirement: The impression need to be accurate so the crowns after fabrication can have tight fits, ensure perfect beauty.
  • Accurate molding: The plaster mold is made based on the acquired putty impression. The lab technician will fabricate the crowns based on this plaster mold. Each of these stages is related, so if a stage is flawed, it will affect the others.
  • Precise fabrication: If all stages are performed precisely with the given parameters will result in beautiful crowns and long-term durability.

What type of crown is suitable?

Depend on the position of the teeth, cosmetic requirement as well as financial condition, a patient can choose the most appropriate type of crown.

Depend on cosmetic needs as well as dental condition, a patient can choose the appropriate type of crown

For incisors or other outer teeth, the patient can choose all porcelain crowns to guarantee cosmetic. Metal crowns will have black lines near the gum so are more suitable with the inner teeth.

Normally, the price of crowns will be different depends on the material and fabrication technique. Metal crowns will be lower compared to all porcelain crowns, however, have many disadvantages. Because of that, patients tend to choose all porcelain crowns to ensure dental cosmetic.

Where to have the best crown treatment?

To have accurate crown prescriptions and ensure cosmetic, patients should choose a reputable dental clinic with the following characteristics:

The doctors, one of the leading factors that determine the success of crown treatment

Cosmetic crown doctors with specialized knowledge and clinical experience.

Dental clinic with modern equipment, satisfying international standards in dentistry in general and cosmetic crown in specific.

Stirilization procedure is guaranteed, completely eliminate contagious diseases.

A lab right at the clinic guarantee to minimize treatment duration.

In addition, to maintain the crown lifespans, we need to have proper care and periodic dental visits according to the doctor's instruction.

Nhan Tam Dental Cinic meet all 5 requirements of a high-quality clinic

A team of doctors with more than 20 years of experience in crown treatments, always up to date with modern cosmetic trends, bringing the best results.

Utilizing the latest cosmetic technology with smile designing software Smile Design Pro, impression software 3Shape, 3D ConeBeam CT imaging system, digital CAD/CAM system, etc., guarantee the best cosmetic result.

A laboratory right at the clinic with modern equipment, ensure precise designs according to technical parameters, reduce treatment duration.

Sterilization procedure of international standard, each customer will have a separate set of sterilized equipment, dental room, eliminating cross-contamination.

0% installment rate, dedicated care before, during and after treatment.