Dental crown restoration for antibiotic-stained teeth

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The level of teeth stained due to antibiotic depends on how long as well as how much medicine you took. To resolve this, crown treatment is a method chosen by many people.

Crown restoration for Tetracycline stained teeth

Currently, there are 2 basic solutions to improve stained teeth: First is teeth whitening for mild discoloration; Second is crown restoration for severe cases. Crown restoration is considered to be the last resort for teeth stained when teeth whitening is ineffective, help return your bright and healthy teeth.

A patient with worn teeth with antibiotic stain

During crown treatment, the doctor will trim the tooth that requires restoration, forming a fixture according to the standardized ratios. After that, a crown will be secured on top creating a completed tooth exactly like the real one.

The benefit of crown restoration for antibiotic-stained teeth

Crown treatment for antibiotic-stained teeth will have the following benefits:

  • Beautifying the teeth: The crowns will quickly resolve teeth discoloration, providing aligned, beautiful and naturally bright teeth.
  • Ensure chewing capability: The crowns can withstand massive force, from 360Mpa to 900Mpa while real teeth can only withstand 80Mpa to 120Mpa. Because of that, the chewing capability will be guaranteed, even better than real teeth.
  • High durability: The average age of a crown is from 10 to 25 years, depending on the type of crown as well as how it was cared for. Titanium crowns, normal crowns will age about 10 to 15 years while all porcelain crowns and precious metal crowns will last up to 25 years, even longer.

In crown restoration for antibiotic-stained teeth, Cercon all porcelain teeth is a popular solution chosen by many customers.

Cercon crowns belong to a group of all porcelain crown, meaning non-metal crowns, made entirely from porcelain from the inner structure to the outer enamel.

Cercon all porcelain teeth is a popular solution chosen by many customers

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