Dental crown restorations for Overjet and Underbite

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For cases of mild overjet or underbite without time and conditions to perform orthodontic treatment - braces then crown treatment is a solution that you can choose to improve cosmetic as well as chewing capability.

The benefits of cosmetic crown treatment for overjet, underbite

Normally, the first solution that comes to mind when we think about curing overjet and underbite is orthodontic treatment, braces. However, in modern dental restoration, cosmetic crown treatment is also an effective solution to improve overjet, underbite. This method provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce treatment duration: customers only required 2 - 3 appointments in order to complete treatment.
  • Improve bite joints, overcome underbite, overjet: in Crown treatment, the teeth will be trimmed and covered with a crown on the outside to complete the teeth profile, help the teeth aligned, move the bite joint back to the appropriate position, thereby curing overjet, underbite.
  • Makes the teeth bright, white, aligned, beautiful and with cosmetic: the crowns after restoration will be bright white with natural color like real enamel, complete teeth profile, bringing outstanding cosmetic result.
  • Guarantee chewing capability and long-term durability: crowns help improve the correlation between two jaws, effective chewing, food crushing.

In which case can crown treatment cure overjet, underbite?

With the benefits of crown treatment mentioned above, you can see that this method can effectively overcome underbite, overjet, cases, more specifically:

Mild overjet, underbite due to the teeth

When overjet, underbite is identified to be due to the teeth, meaning the upper incisors angled outward (for overjet) or the lower incisors angled outward (for underbite), dental crown or orthodontic treatment are methods that will bring aligned, beautiful teeth for customers.

However, cosmetic crown treatment only works for mild overjet, underbite. For severe cases and jaw misalignment, orthodontic - braces will be more effective.

Overjet, underbite and weak enamel

Overjet, underbite cases with weak enamel or tooth decay, chipped, broken, yellowed teeth, etc., crown treatment will improve durability and overcome underbite, overjet, at the same time improve dental cosmetic.

For cases that do not have time for braces

For mild overjet, underbite cases without time for braces treatment then cosmetic crown treatment is an optimized solution that can both reduce the duration and ensure cosmetic and effective chewing.

Crown restoration procedure for overjet, underbite

Dental restoration for overjet, underbite at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic include the following stages:

Stage 1: Examination, X-rays, and consultation

Before proceeding with crown treatment, the patient will have to take x-ray images with the 3D CT ConeBeam system. Based on those images, the doctor will design an appropriate treatment regimen for each dental cases and give accurate prescription as well as specialized consultation for the patient.

Stage 2: Oral hygiene

The doctor will proceed to remove tartar, overall oral hygiene and completely cure tooth decay, gingival, periodontal diseases, etc., to ensure the best dental condition, creating the foundation for the desired result.

Stage 3: Smile design

Smile Design Pro software will analyze the teeth line, smile line in order to sketch out the teeth and overall face after treatment so the customer can discuss and choose the best smile.

Stage 4: Teeth trimming

Teeth trimming process is performed with a principle "Minimize teeth invasion". Trimming the teeth will be accurately performed according to the prescription, no biological violation, optimally protect the gum tissue and teeth.

Stage 5: Securing the crowns

After the crowns are completely fabricated, the doctors will proceed to attach and adjust them so that the crowns are fitted with the gum tissue, eliminating snagging and entanglement sensation, ensure natural chewing capability and beauty after restoration.

Stage 6: Home care instruction

To extend the life of the crowns after restoration, the doctor will instruct customers to properly care for the teeth at home and advise them to have follow-up visits 4 or 6 months after treatment.

To know the exact overjet, underbite condition and if it can be cure with crown treatment, you should find a reputable dental clinic. There, the doctors give you the overall dental examination and the most appropriate solution.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic - An effective crown restoration for overjet and underbite

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