Dental crowns treatment for people with missing teeth

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Dental crown treatment for people with missing teeth is bridgework, normally prescribed when there is one or multiple missing teeth with the adjacent existing teeth are still strong enough to support the bridge.

Bridgework for people with missing teeth

Bridgework is one of the most popular solutions for patients with teeth lost because it not just effectively restore missing teeth and cosmetic but the price is also reasonable for many customers.

The requirement for bridgework is that there must be 2 strong and rigid teeth, adjacent to the missing area to act as the support for the bridge. Doctors will proceed to trim the real teeth then secure the bridge on to those teeth using dental adhesive.

Are dental bridges good and long-lasting?

How good is crown restoration for people with missing teeth, is a question that many people tend to wonder. In reality, this method is highly appreciated by dental experts due to the following benefits:

  • Ensure cosmetic: dental bridges help fill the missing zone on the jawline, furthermore, dental bridges have a natural color like real teeth which ensure cosmetic of the restoration.
  • Improve chewing capability: dental crowns have the ability to restore good chewing capability like real teeth due to the rigid crown which can withstand a lot of force, secured on to the real teeth, provide comfortable chewing like real teeth.
  • High durability: dental crowns can last for many years with proper technique, good material, and proper dental care.

Cosmetic crowns provide a bright, aligned, and natural teeth

Things to note in crown restoration for missing teeth

When restore missing teeth with dental crowns, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

Choosing a reputable clinic with good doctors, modern machinery to ensure desired results. Choosing a type of crown that is suitable for your requirement and needs. Because of that, you should do some research about the types of crowns and consult a dentist. Proper dental care after treatment, avoid chewy or hard food, do not use your teeth to open things, etc.

Maintain dental hygiene like real teeth, brush your teeth at least 2 times a day with soft bristle brushes combine with mouthwash, dental floss to completely clean the mouth.

Choose a reputable dental clinic with adequate facilities to have the best crowns restoration

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