Dental implant history

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Implant placement is a modern method that is considered to be the best one. However, to be successful today, this method has a long history of development and is documented in many different historical documents. Please join us to learn about the history of this method.

Dental implant history

Archaeologists have proven that ancient Egyptians and South Americans used clamshell, ivory or small grinders ... to restore the missing teeth. In the medical history, in the 18th century, there were a few cases of implanting real teeth from donors. Quite simple, but this is the foundation of the modern dental implant.

By the beginning of the 19th century, thanks to the exploration and research of the doctors who developed dental implant technique using gold, platinum,... for dental implants, but the success rate was quite low.

Document proves the ancient know how to grow dentures

Until the father of dental implant technology found the new material. In 1952,Dr. Per Ingvar Branemark( the research leader at Lund University, Sweden) accidentally discovered the Titanium material by placing it in the rabbit's thigh bone to temporarily fix the fracture. After a few months of observation, when he knew that the bones had healed, he intended to take the Titanium out, but could not to get it, so he decided to leave it in the rabbit's body. He continued to monitor and found that there was no reaction between the rabbit body and the fixed Titanium pin.

As the result, he continued to research and expand this technique. He researched and made a scientific report on the theme "materials in the orthopedic surgery". He also noted that there was no negative biochemical reaction that affected the living organism and he called it was the "compatibility- bone integration" phenomenon.

Per Ingvar Branemark is the father of implants

By using Titanium to pave the way for the modern implant method, in 1965 he performed the first dental implant case using the Titanium implants in Sweden and achieved massive success. 40 years later, this teeth still existed and performed the eating function as well as normal people.

In Vietnam, the first case of the dental implant was adopted in 1994 for a male patient. Until now, this implant tooth still works very well even though the surrounding teeth have fallen off. And so far, according to the survey of many different dental implant cases, almost all the implant teeth work very well and always make the customer happy.

The first implant implant in Vietnam still works well

Dental implants at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Implant dentist is a leading specialist

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, it is possible for patients who want to implant the dental implants from simple to complex, no matter if there is 1 implant or full mouth implantation, it will be examined and treated by Dr. Vo Van Nhan.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Director of Nhan Tam Dental Department is expert in implantation surgery - has graduated at the excellent level from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1997. He was also one of the "seeds" directly entered into the Master - Dermatologist training program. In 2012, he graduated Master Implant program at UCLA University - United States.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan

With over 20 years of experience, continually study and search, Dr. Vo Van Nhan is the first Vietnamese doctor who successfully implements two special, complex, and rare implant techniques in the dental implant dentistry: simultaneously operated 2 techniques transposition the nerve and zygomatic implant to implant the dental implants for the congenital missing teeth people. According to statistics, there are only 44 doctors have performed these complex clinical techniques.

This is the first clinical surgery in Vietnam which successfully recovered for those less fortunate due to dysplasia of the epidermis resulting in the absence of congenital teeth. This success has created a breakthrough in the dental implant dentistry in Vietnam, reach the same level as the developed medical countries. At the same time, it opens up the opportunity and hopes for patients who have no teeth or congenitally missing teeth restored their chewing and aesthetic functions, confident in communication and have a more meaningful life.

Until now, Dr. Vo Van Nhan has treated thousands of implant surgeries in the aesthetic teeth area and to those who lost all their teeth, performing dozens of nerve-reposition surgery to implant the dental implants, zygomatic implant surgeries and cases of congenital malformations.

The best modern facilities

These most important factors that ensure the success of the dental implant is skill, the qualification of the doctors, and treatment technology implementation as well as facilities of the dental center. Customers are often concerned about the question of where can I implant the dental implant without painful but to implant the dental implant effectively, safely, painless, you have to choose an address using the modern technology, and also at the hand of a doctor who is specialist in the implant dentistry.

Nhan Tam dental clinic has approved Navigation Technology in Dental Implant. This is considered the most advanced technology today in Dental Implant thanks to the great advantages this technology brings. Navigation Technology in Dental Implant links with CT Cone Beam diagnostic imaging software. The system is also equipped a CCTV camera system that helps dentists tracking the drill’s activities when drilling into the bones so that dentists can observe the drill position in relation to the anatomical structure of the patient. In addition, the system will sound an alarm when the drill goes further than the allowed length, helping avoid complications like: damage nerves, blood vessels, maxillary sinuses and eye sockets get into contact with the drill. Therefore, implant is placed up to 0.1mm accuracy, ensure absolute safety, shorten treatment time to 1 appointment instead of 2 or 3 appointments as before because there is no time wasted for making surgery guide stent. As a result, patients can have teeth after only 1 hour.

Navigation Technology in Dental Implant

With the information on the dental implant history that we generalize above. Hopefully, you can clearly understand the benefits of this method. It is the best way for teeth restoration as well as the perfection of teeth for a long time.