Dental implant questions and answers

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Dental implants are considered to be the most effective solution for tooth loss today. However, there are still many doubts surrounding this method. Let's find out information about dental implants through the answers of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic specialists!

Dental Implant is a technique where the doctor will implant the Implant cylinder made of Titanium into the jaw bone, aiming to replace the lost tooth root. After about 4-6 months, when the Implant pillar has integrated with the jaw bone, the doctor will proceed to restore the porcelain tooth to the top, completing the implant process.

Dental implant technique is relatively complicated. Therefore, there are many questions surrounding this technique such as what are the advantages of Implant, is it durable, how long does it take to the implant, etc.

Vo Van Nhan DDS, PhD - Nhan Tam Dental Director - Dental Implant specialist with over 23 years of experience will answer these questions for you. The doctor is the person who directly performs the implant at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, combined with the support of modern technology such as Navigation Technology, 3D CT Cone Beam, 3D face-scanning technology,… will definitely bring the perfect smile to the patient.

1. What are the advantages of dental implant technology?

Currently, the method of dental implants is being applied a lot thanks to its outstanding advantages:

  • Implants can replace all cases of tooth loss, from the loss of one tooth, the loss of a few teeth to the loss of all teeth.
  • Implant teeth are like real teeth, with both crowns and roots, so they have high aesthetic efficiency, and help patients eat, chew, and feel food like real teeth.
  • Implant teeth are solid, do not move, do not need to be taken out, do not affect communication and pronunciation.
  • Long lifespan, about 40-50 years, even permanent if transplanted with the right technique and the patient has good care.
  • The implementation time is quick, only 30-40 minutes, in some cases, there are temporary teeth immediately after implantation.
  • Does not affect surrounding teeth. Because the dental implant technology does not need to grind real teeth, preserving the maximum real teeth, while the method of porcelain dental bridges grinds real teeth to make bridges, 15% of teeth that are ground will be damaged.
  • Prevents alveolar bone resorption, maintains facial muscle gravity, lips and cheeks are not sunken, does not cause facial deformation, keeps aesthetics and youthfulness.

Implant teeth bring aesthetics and ensure chewing function like real teeth

2. How long does it take to get dental implants?

Normally, restoring lost teeth with Implant solution is divided into 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: Implant implant, bone graft (if any), make temporary teeth, and check the wound.
  • Stage 2: Restoration of fixed porcelain teeth on Implant from 4-6 months after Implant surgery.

Currently, with the advent of Positioning Robot, the time of implanting dental implants has been shortened a lot


Step 1: Examination and X-ray CT Cone Beam with the positioning system mounted on the patient's jaw.

Step 2: Enter CT Cone Beam data into the positioning robot and build a treatment plan for the robot. This period only takes about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Carry out dental implant placement. With Navigation Technology, the above 3 steps will be performed in a day, in just 1 appointment. As for the old technique, the doctor will examine, take films (without positioning devices), design, and make surgical guide trays, so it takes 1 week before going into the surgical stage. Therefore, the treatment process will take longer, the patient will have to take 2 to 3 appointments. In addition, because the Navigation Technology supports accurate implant placement, after surgery, the doctor can immediately attach temporary teeth to the patient.

3. Is dental implant durable?

The longevity of the Implant depends on many factors, including:

  • Jaw bone quality & patient's jaw bone volume: If a person has enough jaw bone volume and good quality of jaw bone, the Implant will certainly be highly successful.
  • Surgeon: The surgeon must have the full experience, place the Implant in the right position, in the right direction in 3 spatial dimensions (near-far, upper-lower, outer-inside).
  • Medical condition, patient's oral care: If the patient has a good medical condition, takes good care of oral hygiene after the restoration, the Implant will certainly last a long time.

To maintain the durability of Implant teeth, patients need to take care of their teeth properly

If all of the above factors are fully met, Implant teeth can last from 40 to 50 years, even permanently over time.

Above are the most common questions about dental implants that have been answered by the doctors of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. If you have any doubts, you can contact us at Hotline 1900 56 5678 to receive the most accurate answer.