Dental implant to replace a missing tooth

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Losing a tooth seems simple, but it is also a problem that needs attention. Because if not corrected early, but maintaining for a long time will cause many serious consequences. To overcome this situation, implant is the most modern and superior solution today.

What is a dental implant to replace a tooth?

When performing a dental implant, the doctor will directly implant an dental implant made of titanium into the jawbone to replace the lost tooth root. The implant post will integrate with the jaw bone and remain firmly on the teeth, then a porcelain crown will be attached to the abutment connection of the implant to complete the shape of a tooth.

Advantages of dental implants to replace a tooth

Dental implant is a method of restoring lost teeth that is highly appreciated by experts today, with outstanding advantages over traditional methods:

  • The implant post is implanted and integrated with the bone to replace the real tooth root, so there is no need to grind the teeth, affecting the adjacent real teeth.
  • Preserve jaw bone structure, prevent bone loss, keep facial muscles, lips, and cheeks are not pulled in, do not cause facial deformation.
  • Eat and chew comfortably like real teeth, without worrying about entanglement.
  • High aesthetics, beautiful natural teeth.
  • Lasts a lifetime if the transplant is done with the right technique and good care.

How long does a dental implant take?

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Nhan Tam Dental Director said: dental implant in case of missing 1 tooth is a small surgery, quite simple, like a normal tooth extraction. So the process usually only takes about 30 minutes.

However, the time to complete a dental implant depends on the quality and quantity of each patient's jawbone.

The case of good quality and quantity of bones

The average treatment time for 1 implant replacement from implantation to restoration is 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, the patient may have 3 to 5 appointments.

The case of bone loss

In case the patient suffers from alveolar bone loss due to long-term tooth loss, if a patient wants to perform an implant, a bone graft is required. Depending on the indications for each patient, it is possible to have bone grafting and Implant at the same time or the time of bone grafting is 5 to 6 months apart from the time of Implant implantation. This time can be quite long for the patient but it is necessary to create a firm force to support the Implant.

Dental implants procedure at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Dr. Vo Van Nhan performed dental implants at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Step 1: General examination, CT Cone Beam 3D digital X-ray

Step 2: Analyze the image, feedback the results to the Customer

Step 3: Check general health, take impressions of jaw samples and make treatment plan

Step 4: Implant surgery

Step 5: Fabrication of porcelain teeth and restoration of porcelain teeth on implants

Step 6: Instruct home care and schedule follow-up visits


Although it is a small surgery, for patients with a history or currently suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high (low) blood pressure, ... there are doctors who specialize in The emergency department monitors the patient's vital signs throughout the transplant. This further confirms that Nhan Tam Dental Clinic always ensures the safety of any transplant, from the simplest to the most complex.