Dental implant with 4.0 technology: painless and safe with navigation system

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The application of 4.0 technology has opened up a new era in dental treatment and aesthetic dentistry. Lately, navigation system has been successfully applied in Vietnam in restoring missing teeth. This technology has outstanding advantages, making dental implants accurate, safe and painless.

The navigation technology was certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA), is a powerful supporting tool for doctors, ensuring the safety of the implant process and increase the accuracy 11 times compared with the traditional method, giving patients a fast, gentle, and painless surgery.

With a team of doctors who have over 23 years’ experience and pioneer in applying 4.0 technology in treatment, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic ensures to provide 5-star service, bringing perfect smiles to customers.

Robotic navigation implant system – The most advanced technology in dental implant

Dental implant is considered to be the most preeminent and effective method for missing tooth restoration today. Now, with the presence of the Robotic navigation implant system, the dental implant has been evolved to a new level.

The X-guide navigation system is linked with CT Cone Beam 3D diagnostic imaging software and has a CCTV camera that monitors the operation of the drill, helping the implant process to take place accurately, ensuring safety and painlessness, giving patients long-lasting and aesthetic results. Dental implant navigation system was certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in October 2015.

According to Dr. Robert and partners’ research in 2016, the accuracy of Robotic navigation implant system is 11 times higher than that of the traditional implant (implant without supported devices). The result was published in the Journal of Oral Implantology (JOI) – a well-known scientific publication of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).

Dental implant navigation system is successfully applied in developed countries like the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Italy, etc. In Vietnam and Southeast Asia, however, this technology is applied for the first time and only by Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

"I feel very proud that we have been able to seize the digital dentistry wave, bring the best treatment results to domestic customers and attract a lot of foreign customers to Vietnam,” said Dr. Vo Van Nhan – Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

Outstanding advantages when having dental implant using 4.0 technology – Dental implant navigation system

Ensuring safety

X-Guide Dynamic 3D dental implant navigation system offers absolute accuracy for the dental implant. A special feature of the navigation system is that when an error occurs during the implant process, the machine will emit an alarm sound, so the safety of the patient is guaranteed.

Absolute accuracy

With the CCTV camera, the doctor will have a clear visualization of the surgical site, more specifically, knowing the coordinates of the drill bit, the correlation of the drill with the patient's anatomical structure, helping the implant process take place precisely from the position to angle and depth of the drill. Thanks to this, complications such as nerve damage, blood vessel injury, sinus problem, etc., are avoided.

Minimizing treatment time

With the dental implant navigation system, after taking an X-ray, creating a treatment plan, the patient can have dental implant placement right away without waiting for the manufacturing of a surgical guide stent, which takes approximately 1 week. Thereby, the treatment time is shortened to 1 appointment instead of 2 to 3 appointments as before.

Durability and aesthetics

When having dental implants using a navigation system, the implant will be placed in the correct position, no infection and complications, which will make the dental restoration easier, achieve higher aesthetics and long-lasting results.

Flexible in choosing different implant types

With traditional implant methods, doctors need to design and construct a surgical guide stent according to the chosen implant type, if there are any changes, the whole process will have to start all over again. Meanwhile, the navigation system works for all types of implants, so doctors can choose and change suitable implants during the surgery.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Vo Van Nhan, with dental implant navigation system, changes can be made during the surgery without affecting the accuracy of the process because the system will automatically update these changes.

Effectively apply for many special cases

Dental implant navigation system is not only applicable for common tooth loss but also very useful in highly complex cases such as:

Patients with maxillofacial cancer who had undergone maxillectomy (removing the upper jawbone segment), who need to place a long implant in the zygomatic bone – the surgery area is difficult to observe.

Patient with jawbone resorption, the thickness of the bone decrease, implant position is close to mandibular nerve;

Patients with limited mouth opening, implant in posterior teeth, etc.


Doctor Vo Van Nhan - A leading specialist in the dental implant in Vietnam will examine, give consultation and treatment for patients himself. Dr. Nhan is one of four doctors in the world who simultaneously performed the two most difficult techniques in implant: mandibular nerve transposition and zygomatic implant on the same patient. He also successfully performed over 20,000 complex implant cases.

Currently, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is the first dentist in Vietnam and Southeast Asia to apply dental implant navigation system – A support system for safe, accurate and fast implant processes.

Digital applications in dental implant: CT Cone Beam 3D imaging system helps to survey accurately the whole anatomical structure such as: jawbone, sinus, nerve, vascular system.

The European standard LAB room at the clinic is equipped with an automatic porcelain teeth manufacturing system on CAD/CAM computers, giving patients naturally beautiful teeth, shortening procedure time compared with traditional methods.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is one of the clinics in Vietnam that built a closed sterile system meeting international standards, ensures strict sterility, and eliminates cross-contamination.

Attentive customer service, dedicated care, and dedicated treatment.

Assisting instalment payment with 0% interest rate and offering free transportation during treatment time for customers’ peace of mind.

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