Dental implants for congenital missing teeth people

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This is the first case of implanting for people who naturally miss their teeth in Vietnam had successfully done by Mr. Vo Van Nhan and his team, 3rd June 2016. This operation performed 2 complex techniques the inferior alveolar nerve and zygomatic implant placement at the same time in order to restore all the upper and lower jaw teeth of the patient. This success marked a new step in Vietnamese dentistry.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Kim Hue who had done the complex operation congenitally miss her teeth (no teeth since she was born), so the jaw bone did not develop. Besides, She must wear the dentures for 14 years old. Therefore, the upper and lower jaw bone had significantly lost so that the traditional dental technique couldn't be done.

Mrs. Kim Hue said: "Since I was 14 years old, I had to wear a denture. After I was wearing denture for a long period of time, my jaw bone was inflected, and my teeth began to fall off. I had consulted in many places and by 2015 I implanted the dental implants but could not have my teeth. After that, I was introduced to Dr. Nhan".

After the clinical examination and examined the 3-D X-ray film, Dr. Vo Van Nhan said: "Mrs. Kim Hue case is extremely special, the upper jaw bone was seriously diminished and lose to the sinus floor, the lower jaw bone was diminished and able to see the nerve. To solve this case there was only one possible solution is nerve reposition for dental implants to restore the upper teeth and zygomatic implant placement to restore the upper teeth at the same time".

However, both techniques require the doctor to have subtle skills, deep understanding of the anatomy, and experiences. when the doctor master the technique it will be a treatment option with a high success rate ( 98-100%), effective and safe for patients. In addition, this method has the advantage of reducing the number of surgeries, shorten the duration of hospitalization and treatment. At the same time, allow patients to have temporarily fixed teeth immediately after the surgery.

The Implementing one of the two techniques has been difficult while combining these two techniques in the same patient, the level of difficulty and challenge can increase many times in terms of surgery, dental restorations, chewing and cosmetic rehabilitation. So far, there are a few doctors in the world have successfully implemented these two techniques simultaneously.

The success of the simultaneous surgery done by Dr. Vo Van Nhan marked a new step in the Vietnamese dentistry. Besides, Dr. Nhan reported the improved zygomatic implant placement at the international conference 2015, which hugely contributed to science, contributing to improve this technique in the world.

Dental implants for congenital missing teeth people

The results and methods may vary depending on the individual's physical condition

After 4 hours of intensive work, Dr. Nhan and his team successfully performed the surgery.

According to the initial evaluation, The patient's health condition was restored; she had good contact and was discharged from hospital on June 4th. Expected 1 weel after the surgery for reducing the swelling and edema, patients will be attached the fixed teeth on the implant.

However, patients need to eat soft and liquid food in the first 3 months to ensure that the implant is fully attached to the bone, as well as careful care regimen to prevent soft tissue inflammation through the implant. This will ensure aesthetic results and long-term success.

The patient should periodical re-examination over 6 months for oral hygiene, bite check, healing of the implant, bone and gum tissue.

Prevention and treatment for the same congenital missing teeth

The same patients need to be closely monitored for comprehensive and long-term treatment strategies before and after implantation. Implant the dental implants are only available when the patient is an adult (complete growth, usually over 18 years of age).

Before implanting the dental implants( before 18 years old) needing for a teeth restoration plan to ensure the aesthetics to help the patient reduce their feelings of inferiority and psychological effects during their schooling period. At the same time, ensure the optimal maintenance of the alveolar bone so this stage of treatment includes: orthopedic surgery to arrange neatly the teeth, sparse teeth or restorations in missing teeth, tooth extractions selectively to limit bone loss.

In addition, it must be combined with psychiatrists to treat psychological treatment for patients because the patients with appearance defects easily lead to behavioral disorders and the dermatologist to treat the symptoms related to skin, nails, toenails, hair ...

When the patients are eligible for dental implantation( after 18 years old) must be set up a surgery plane, the optimal restoration, and caring plan, maintain the implanted teeth to ensure the aesthetics and long-term chewing function.

Especially during the surgery period, one of the most factors that require the doctor has to understand the bone anatomization structure, nerve, and blood vessel of the patient, to understand the purpose and sequence of the procedure. At the same time, the surgical kits must focus, and smooth cooperation. In addition, the doctor needs to have sophisticated skills, experiences to ensure a successful surgery, safety and also prevention, early detection and timely treatment of complications can occur.

From the success of the dental implant surgery for the people who congenitally miss their teeth, Dr. Vo Van Nhan brought the opportunity and hope for Mrs. Hue and also the patients who naturally miss their teeth to recover the eating function and aesthetics, improving the quality of their life, confident in communication, and get on well with their community.