Denture: Common misconceptions

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Denture is a solution that many people choose when they want to recover lost teeth or when wanting to correct cosmetic teeth defects in shape, color.However, not everyone is aware of the type of dentures and often misunderstandings that make dental restoration not as desired.

Denture: Misunderstanding the name

Nowadays, when referring to dentures, many people just think of dentures to be disassembled. This type of dentures has been used for a long time, its advantages and disadvantages have become so familiar. This myth makes those who want to restore the dentures to improve the aesthetics and chewing function of the teeth must be careful, thinking because there are not many choices and not in any case can apply. Removable teeth.

However, in fact, dentures also include many other types. According to the definition of dentistry, dentures consist of two types: remove dentures and fixed dentures. In particular, fixed dentures include the type used for the real teeth, also known as porcelain bridges and implant cylinders, also known as implant implants. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the patient's financial ability, interests and dental status.

Details of current dentures

Remove dentures

Removable dentures are a gum resembling real gums (colored in the patient's current gum tone) and attach dentures on them. Depending on the location of the missing teeth or the distance the dentures need to be done, the removable denture will be completely made of plastic or incorporate a metal frame.

Detachable dentures possesses the following advantages: restorative aesthetics for teeth, more convenient to eat chewing, can be removed for easy cleaning, low implementation costs, ... However, dentures This has a chewing capacity, occupying a lot of volume of the oral cavity should reduce the appetite, moreover when using a time will occur the phenomenon of deviation, dilatation, deviation, damage to the structure of the gums and teeth. The truth below, does not bring long term effect.

Fixed dentures

  • Porcelain crowns: The porcelain crowns are bonded together as a bridge with two ends attached to the adjacent tooth that are permanently removed by specialized dental cement. Tooth decay occurs as a pillar to support the bridge. This denture restores aesthetics, bringing the chewing ability almost intact, without the need to remove the inconvenience. The disadvantage is to grind more real teeth to support the prosthesis and not prevent bone loss at the position of missing teeth.

  • Dental Implant: Implant is a titanium implant, implanted inside the jaw to replace the missing tooth root, then the doctor will attach the denture to the implant. This method is considered by many experts to be the most advanced method today because there is no need to create crowns, bring aesthetics and chewing function like true teeth, high strength, There is a strong integration that will not go away over time. The downside is the cost is too high.

To choose the right kind of dentures, you should look for reputable dentists with modern equipment, doctors with high expertise, experience and special must have mind to be able to The correct method, the right case to bring a perfect teeth for patients.

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