Factors determining the success of implant treatment

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Unlike other treatments, implant treatment is a surgical process of placing implants into the jawbone, requiring deep intervention, requiring a combination of many factors. So what factors determine the success of Implant treatment?

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: The success of Implant treatment is determined by many factors, the success of one stage is related to another. Besides the professionalism of the doctor, it is necessary to have the support of modern equipment and advanced techniques to bring successful results and bring the most convenience to customers.

Factors related to implant diagnosis and treatment are largely determined based on 3D X-ray films and the support of diagnostic software. To avoid the risk of bone loss due to inflammation around the Implant, special aseptic hygiene conditions must be strictly adhered to.

Factors related to diagnosis

Thanks to the 3D Cone Beam CT system, doctors will develop an accurate treatment plan for the patient.

Here are the important factors related to diagnosis, contributing to the success of Implant treatment:

  • Correct assessment of oral health and general health
  • Develop the correct treatment plan
  • Eliminate factors and risks that may affect treatment results from the very beginning
  • Assess the quality and quantity of bone as well as choose the type of bone graft
  • Determine the correct size and minimum number of Implants that bring the highest efficiency
  • Place the Implant in the ideal direction and position

Most of the factors mentioned above are determined based on 3D X-ray film and implant software. With the support of 3D X-ray and implant software, the treatment plan is built precisely and scientifically based on the quality of the jawbone of each specific case.

Hygienic and sterile conditions

It can be said that dental implants are one of the most complex treatment methods in dentistry. To make the treatment process successful, hygienic and sterile conditions play a very important role.

1. Sterile instruments

Aseptic process at Nhan Tam Implant Center

For each type of implant, there will be a separate set of tools. To ensure safety, before cleaning with clean water, the tools will be soaked in Hexanios solution. After that, the kit will be autoclaved with an Auto Clave machine and packaged with a Pro W&H machine before being used. For small-sized tools that are difficult to clean such as drills, handpieces, etc., the aseptic process is similar, but with the help of an ultrasonic vibrator when immersing tools with Hexanios sterilization solution.

2. Sterile operating room

Disinfect the operating room with ultraviolet light every day

Not only sterile instruments in implantation, all equipment in the operating room must also be guaranteed sterile hygienic conditions.

  • The operating room needs to be cleaned every day. Use an antiseptic solution to wipe the machine chair, instrument table, support machine to monitor the patient's heart rate, blood pressure, etc.
  • Steam room with air purifier Dr. Zone to disinfect, disinfect viruses.
  • Disinfect with ultraviolet lamp every day in the operating room
  • Autoclave and sterilize surgical gowns and caps. Surgical instruments such as gloves, masks, needles, straws, etc. are only used once.
  • All operating room doors should be closed unless they must be opened to move vehicles, crews, and patients.

Factors related to equipment and techniques

Nhan Tam Implant Center applies positioning technology to implant implants

Nhan Tam implant center is always proud to be one of the leading centers in implant technology. With the investment in modern equipment in a closed, complete and synchronous system with advanced technical features advances, serving for fast, accurate and safe implantation.

In order to bring the most convenience to customers and increase the success rate, Nhan Tam implant center has successfully applied positioning technology to the implant process. The positioning system is a supporting tool, helping to limit errors and optimize treatment results. With a team of doctors and nurses with more than 20 years of experience and high qualifications combined with modern positioning technology will bring perfect results and ensure absolute safety for patients.

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