Factors that influence the success of Implant

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The introduction of the Dental Implant procedure becomes an outstanding achievement of the dental industry since it is optimal to solve tooth loss. However, this is a complex technique that requires many factors to be successful. Please join us to explore those factors through the following article.

Dental implant surgery helps restore lost teeth like real teeth in terms of both aesthetics and chewing function. This method can prevent bone resorption due to tooth loss, maximally preserve real teeth without the need for teeth shaving, a root canal, or invading tooth organization.

Dental implant surgery is suitable for all patients who have lost teeth, such as losing a tooth, losing many teeth, or losing a full jaw are 18 years old and healthy enough to be performed.

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: The success of Implant treatment is determined by many factors, the success of this stage is related to other stages. In addition to the professionalism of doctors, it is necessary to have a team of skilled Lab technicians to create beautiful and accurate restorations.

In addition, modern technology equipment, standard implementation procedures, sterility assurance levels, and patient cooperation also play a decisive role in the success rate of dental implant surgery.

Dortor’s skills

The doctor is the most important factor to make a successful dental implant procedure. In addition to strong professional knowledge, the doctor must also have "Ethics" and enough experience to be able to:

Proper assessment of oral health and general health

Developing an accurate treatment plan

Eliminating at the outset any risks or factors that may affect the outcome of treatment

Proper assessment of the quality and quantity of bones as well as choose the type of bone graft

Determining the correct size and number of least implants that bring the highest efficiency

Placing the Implant in the ideal direction and position

Ensuring the close fit when restoring on the Implant to avoid inflammation around the Implant, which increases the risk of bone resorption.

A qualified and experienced doctor will help the dental implant procedure be successful

Facilities – Equipments

The investment in facilities, technology, adequate, modern, and convenient equipment is a necessary condition to increase the success rate of a dental implant procedure. Facilities and equipment play an essential role in assisting doctors in performing more accurate and less invasive dental implant surgery.

To perform dental implant surgery, equipment such as CT Cone Beam 3D digital diagnostic imaging system, multilayered surgical guide stents, 3Shape 3D impression technology, occlusal analysis - validation system T-scan, Implant software, especially Robotic navigation implant system, etc., are necessary devices, with the thought of helping "minimal invasion, optimal efficiency", shorten treatment time and accelerate recovery in patients.

The robotic navigation implant system is considered the most advanced implant technology available today

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: With the assistance of 3D X-rays and Implant software, the treatment plan is precisely and scientifically developed based on the quality of the jaw bone of each specific case. In the modern Lap room, skilled technicians will help accurately and anatomically restore and correctly follow the principles of the Implant restorations, ensuring the mechanical bio-factor. The reasonable distribution of chewing force will avoid overloading for Implant, preventing the risk of breaking or dropping the Implant, and increasing the longevity of the Implant.

The standard implementation process, ensuring sterility factor

Dental implant surgery needs to be performed in strict accordance with International standards. Each step in the implementation process plays an important role, and if any of the steps are skipped, the failure of the whole process is inevitable.

Cross-contamination, infection during surgery is possible if the sterility is poor. All tools from dental chairs, dental tools, surgical gowns, operating rooms, etc., must be absolutely sterile according to the standards to avoid bacteria and viruses from entering and causing infection.

The patient’s cooperation

Factors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene, etc., can damage or eliminate the Implants. Therefore, patient cooperation is very important for the best results of the Implant restoration.

Patients should inform their health status to the doctor as well as their medical history and the most comfortable psychological preparation before proceeding with dental implant surgery. Listening to your doctor's advice and instructions on how to clean, take care of your teeth as well as adhere to the schedule of regular follow-up visits after being performed dental implants will help you always have a bright smile, ensure your strength Chew and prolong Implant life.

Carrying out dental care as directed by the doctor will help increase the life span of the Implant teeth

Above are the factors that determine the success of dental implant procedures. If you have any questions about oral health, please contact our Hotline 1900 56 5678 to receive consultations from our specialists or register via the form below. We are always ready to assist you