How much do dental implants cost?

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Dear doctor, I have heard that currently dental implants are the most advanced method of restoring lost teeth. I have a need to replant my molars because I heard that for a long time the whole teeth will be displaced, jaw bone loss. I want to ask how much does the dental implant service cost? Can a doctor help me? ( Manh Tung – Ho Chi Minh City)


Dear Manh Tung, thank you for sharing your concerns with Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. We would like to answer the question "How much do dental implants cost?" as follows:

How much does a dental implant cost depend on many factors, including the implant post and the teeth on the implant. Each implant post and porcelain tooth on the implant has a different fee, depending on the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages as well as the origin of each type. Depending on each case as well as each person's conditions, the doctor will advise the most suitable method.

However, if there is no need for complicated surgeries such as bone grafting, nerve relocation, etc. before implantation, patients will have a general price list for reference.

Currently, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic provides dental implant service with the most advanced types of implant posts and porcelain teeth as well as a wide variety of types to suit all levels of customer needs. You can refer to the detailed dental treatment price list below:

Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement technology available today. In it, your lost root will be replaced with a denture made of high-strength titanium material. This titanium post will be inserted directly into the jawbone where your old tooth roots are so that the jaw bone grows around and the post is permanently fixed.

While the titanium post is inserted, the doctor will install a temporary denture for you to wait for the dental lab to analyze your real tooth data to create a compatible denture that is attached to the titanium abutment. Dentures used in dental implants are usually all-ceramic teeth. Because implants are durable, using all-ceramic dental materials is most appropriate. Not only have the natural color of real dentin, but typical all-ceramic teeth have a great bearing capacity of at least 400 Mpa – equivalent to 4 times that of real teeth. The durability of all-ceramic teeth is very high.

Dental implants provide comprehensively strong teeth

Because dental implants require very high technique and technology, the cost will also be very high. Depending on the type of implant used from which company, the cost of implant placement also fluctuates. In general, the entire cost of dental implants depends on your choice. Because reputable implant manufacturers in the world are very diverse in their product lines. Of course, high-cost products are always improved to be the most suitable and convenient to put into application.

If you have any questions to know about dental implants, how much does it cost and the specific advantages of each type, you can contact and ask questions about Nhan Tam dentistry, experts and good doctors will directly advise you more thoroughly. Wish you soon have beautiful, healthy teeth and a bright smile.