How to care for your teeth after dental implant surgery?

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Dental implants can last forever if cared for properly. So how do you keep your teeth healthy? What is the right way to care for teeth after dental implants?

Proper oral care after dental implants will help maintain the aesthetics and durability of the long-term implant teeth. This is one of the important factors affecting the success of implant surgery. Dental implants can last forever if cared for properly. So how do you keep your teeth healthy? What is the right way to care for teeth after dental implants? Please join Nhan Tam Dental Clinic to find the answer right here.

Reduce pain, swelling, and bleeding

After implant surgery, the patient may experience some soreness and slight swelling in the jaw and cheeks. Therefore, in the early days, patients should apply ice to the cheek (lip) area near the implant site to reduce pain and swelling. Don't forget to put ice on a towel before rubbing it on your cheeks to avoid getting cold. Next, the patient continues to apply warm compresses to dissolve the bruising in the following days.

If the surgical site is still bleeding, the patient should bite down on a cotton ball to stop the bleeding. At the same time, do not use dilute salt water to gargle for the first 1-2 weeks because saltwater has high antiseptic properties, which can wash away newly formed cells, prolonging the healing time.

Does not affect teeth and jaws

Patients are not allowed to spit, suck their teeth or copy their mouths... in the first few days after implant placement to avoid affecting the dental implant restoration process. At the same time, patients should avoid using external tools that exert force on the abutment such as toothpicks, fingers, etc.

In addition, patients should avoid vigorous exercise for the first 24 - 48 hours after implantation. Vigorous physical activity increases the risk of injury to the implant area. Therefore, in the early days, the patient should rest to fix the implant post and relieve pain.

Healthy eating mode

Patients should not eat for 1 hour after implant placement. In the first week, patients should eat liquid foods, soft, chew slowly to support recovery after implantation.

At the same time, patients abstain from using beer, alcohol, tobacco, and other stimulants for the first 2-3 weeks after implant placement.

Take good care of your teeth

Patients should regularly clean their teeth after eating with a specialized brush, soft bristles, designed to suit the case of implants. Avoid brushing too hard to move the implant post in the early days when the implant is not fixed. Patients should meticulously and patiently clean their teeth during this time, do not ignore the speaker, avoid getting food particles stuck in the implant position.

Periodic re-examination

Patients need to take medicine as prescribed by the doctor after implantation surgery, should not self-medicate with pain relievers containing aspirin, and at the same time, go to the clinic for a follow-up examination according to the appointment with the doctor.

In addition, if the patient detects abnormal symptoms at the implant site such as swelling, severe pain, or bleeding, please go to the clinic for an effective examination and treatment by the doctor.

Even with the loss of all teeth, patients can still have beautiful and durable new teeth with dental implants. However, to maintain the beauty and long-term durability of the teeth, patients need to follow the doctor's instructions and patiently take care of their teeth during the healing period.

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