How to prepare for dental implant surgery?

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For successful dental implant surgery, not only needs a good doctor but also needs the cooperation of the patient. Therefore, patients need to be carefully prepared before implanting teeth.

Examination before carrying out dental implant surgery

A thorough examination of oral health as well as jaw bone structure will help the implant process to go more smoothly. At this time, the doctor will take a CT Cone Beam X-ray film to examine and examine the patient's jawbone anatomy.

Take a 3D Cone Beam CT film to survey the patient's jawbone anatomy before dental implant surgery

In addition, during the examination, the doctor also determines the patient's medical history as well as the general health of the patient so that he can make an appropriate treatment plan. Therefore, the patient should clarify all his medical history to help the doctor make a more accurate diagnosis.

Avoid stress when starting treatment

Pressure and stress before surgery will more or less affect the results of implant placement. Therefore, when carrying out dental implant surgery, patients need to stay comfortable, relax and follow the doctor's request for the most comfortable treatment process.

Limit the use of stimulants

Stimulants such as alcohol, beer, tobacco, etc. will cause great effects on the cell regeneration process and the ability to recover the surgical area. In particular, cigarette smoke limits the ability to heal wounds, and at the same time causes inflammation, making it difficult for the jaw bone to integrate with the implant, leading to dangerous oral diseases. Therefore, before implantation, patients should not use stimulants, do not smoke 2-4 weeks before treatment and 4-6 weeks after completing the treatment process.

Smoking will easily lead to the rejection of the Implant cylinder

Prepare for expenses

The cost of dental implants is often high, if there is a lack of bone density, it will cost more for bone grafting surgery. Therefore, you need to be fully prepared to anticipate this situation.

The most important thing that contributes to the most effective dental implant process, while ensuring safety, is the dental center that performs this service. Because this is a rather complicated technique, it should be performed by good and experienced doctors with modern machinery and equipment. Therefore, you should learn and choose for yourself a reputable dentist.

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Vo Van Nhan DDS, PhD performs dental implants for patients at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

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