I'm 60 years old, can got a dental implant?

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Question: Doctor, I'm 60 years old this year. I am still working to make money, now I want to replant the missing teeth but am wondering what age has effect on the implant planting? Looking forward to consulting your doctor. (Nguyen Ngoc Che - Dong Nai)

Dear Patron, Thank you for your trust in us. Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is answering questions I have 60 years implanted dental implants are not as follows:

Age does not affect dental implants. It is important that your health be well prepared so that you can still implant normal implants and your chances of success are high. Implant implants are limited to people with diabetes, heart disease, severe tobacco dependence, periodontal disease.

In case of diabetes, it is necessary to control the blood glucose level before transplant can be implanted.

Cardiovascular: The dentist will coordinate with the cardiologist to make the implant for the patient.

Tobacco smoking: It is important to limit maximum smoking during implantation because smoking over 10 cigarettes a day can damage the implant.

Periodontal disease causes bone loss so implant implantsrequire bone grafts and wait for integration.Periodontal disease is very easy to relapse, so patients need to clean their teeth carefully to keep the implant firm.There are quite a lot of old people who have implanted dental implants in Nhan Tam and are successful, have a beautiful teeth, functional chewing good.

If you are 60 years old, but still do not have problems to implant implant teeth with very high success rate. And if there are any factors that interfere with just good preparation, can still do implant.Wish you have a beautiful and healthy teeth soon.