Iliac crest bone graft and dental implant placement

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 531
Bone graft is a common support procedure for dental implants. Materials include artificial materials and patients' real bone. However, in cases of severe bone loss, large bone graft volume, iliac crest is the preferred choice.

In implant placement, choosing the grafting material is very important.

The iliac crest is the tip of the curved bone at the top of the pelvic bone, which is the protruding bones of the hip and is the highest bump of the pelvic bones. The iliac crest is chosen because:

  • Iliac crest bone graft is a widely used and successful technique in restoring bone defects and safe for the patient.
  • The bone volume is ideal for most bone graft cases.
  • Quick healing time.

We would like to introduce a case of iliac crest bone graft and dental implant placement, performed at Nhan Tam Implant Center.

Doctors: Dr. Vo Van Nhan

Patient: T.Đ.S

Year of birth: 1960

Gender: Male

General health status: osteoporosis, smoking 20 cigarettes/day

Oral health status:

  • Upper jaw: loss almost the entire teeth with only one molar on each side, periodontitis causing severe bone loss, especially the incisor area.
  • Lower jaw: missing molars on each side

The above indication shows that the incisor area has severe bone loss.

Patient's request:

  • Fixed restoration
  • Have temporary teeth while waiting for the official restoration
  • No bone graft material from animal or other people
  • Duration: 4 months

The patient's request and oral condition, as well as general health status, present a challenge for us to find the ideal treatment solution.

Treatment plan:

  • Sinus lift, bone graft, 6 implants placement at the same time. Placing initial high stability implants and securing abutments on the implants.
  • Placing 2 Mini implants to support temporary denture while waiting for the fixed restoration.
  • Autografts (Iliac crest).
  • Maintain oral hygiene and antibiotic prophylaxis.

While waiting for the fixed restoration, a temporarily removable denture will be provided so that the patient does not become toothless. At this time, the mini implants act as temporary supports.

In the meantime, we will always monitor the development of the grafted bone by X-ray images to prevent and react in time if there are any bone recession.

Post-treatment evaluation:

Despite this being a complex case, we have been successful thanks to the experience of the doctor as well as the help of modern equipment. The patient's satisfaction with the treatment result is a great encouragement to us.

  • General health: the patient recovered quickly
  • The grafted bone was well integrated
  • The implants were placed at the right angle and position
  • Teeth on implants were closely fitted, harmonious color and shape, good chewing capability
  • No complications during treatment
  • Completed the treatment on time