Implant placement at Nhan Tam dental clinic - 5 stars value

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Dental implant placement is the most advanced achievement in modern dentistry. The great benefits that implants bring make this solution the first choice for patients with missing teeth. However, to have a successful implant treatment, there are some aspects in the procedure patients should know.

1. Infrastructure - modern machinery

Dental Cone Beam CT - 3D Imaging

Cone Beam CT 3D Imaging System at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Next-generation X-ray system allows panoramic imaging, Dental CT X-ray and Cephalometric X-ray allows the observation of 3-dimensional images of the jaw bone and accurately evaluates the clinical condition of the patient.

Navigation technology in dental implant

Navigation technology in dental implant

Navigation technology in Dental Implant links with CT Cone Beam diagnostic imaging software. The system is also equipped a CCTV camera system that helps dentists tracking the drill’s activities when drilling into the bones so that dentists can observe the drill position in relation to the anatomical structure of the patient. In addition, the system will sound an alarm when the drill goes further than the allowed length, helping avoid complications like: damage nerves, blood vessels, maxillary sinuses and eye sockets get into contact with the drill. Therefore, implant is placed up to 0.1mm accuracy, ensure absolute safety, shorten treatment time to 1 appointment instead of 2 or 3 appointments as before because there is no time wasted for making surgery guide stent. As a result, patients can have teeth after only 1 hour.

2. Doctors

Master the expertise

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - The leading implant specialist in Vietnam

The doctors are fully trained in dental implantation, dental restoration techniques to handle every difficult and complex case. CT images analyzing skill is also indispensable when based on the 3-dimensional images of the jaw bone to accurately assess the quality, amount of bone and provide a complete treatment plan. This is one of the factors determining the success of the implant treatment. Understanding of implant systems also helps the doctors to make appropriate recommendations about the most suitable implants for each case.

Practical skills

Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic performing dental implant placement

Often in advanced countries, dental implant process has the combined effort of oral surgeons, prosthodontist, and dental lab technician. However, in some cases, a single doctor is responsible for both the implant placement and dental crowns restoration on implants. To decide if you should trust a doctor, you should refer to cases that the doctor had treated.

Cosmetic sense

Dental implant bring strong teeth and beautiful smiles to patients

There are many patients who complained because they chose the most expensive implants and crowns but still dissatisfied, "This tooth should be smaller", "The crowns are not white enough", "how can I look natural", etc. All of this depends on the doctor's cosmetic sense.

3. Surgery in sterile environment according to international standards

Sterilization is something that all patients are concerned. Like other medical fields, dentistry also requires very strict hygienic and sterile conditions and especially in the implant placement process. Proper sterilization according to the procedure, each patient has their own set of tools and complies with the regulations with each tool used only on one patient and then discarded, no re-use.

The surgical environment ensures absolute sterility

Of course, not only the tools during implant procedures but also the surgery room must be sterile. However, this requires regular and proper procedures.

4. Preparation before and after surgery

Before implant surgery

- Oral hygiene, removing plaque, periodontitis treatment if needed.

- Use mouthwash with chlorhexidine in the oral cavity.

- Check blood pressure, cardiovascular and give the patient some necessary tests.

- Take antibiotic before implant placement.

- This step is very important, contributing to the success of the implant placement.

After implant surgery

- Continue to use mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine.

- Caring for the wound at home as instructed by the doctor.

- Visit the dentist for a checkup after 4 or 5 days.

5. Digital LAB

Dental Lab plays a very important role in fabricating perfect dental products. This requires the lab to have modern equipment such as CAD / CAM dental system and lab technicians who have mastered both technical skills and cosmetic sense. Dental products must meet the technical requirements such as finishing, sides, colors, teeth shape, etc.

CAD/CAM dental system at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

Especially, implant restoration is more difficult than normal dental restorations. Products that do not meet the requirements of quality and cosmetic will be removed and remade from the beginning. The teeth that do not fit tightly to each other are likely to cause bad breath and gingivitis, in more serious cases it can cause inflammation around the implant which result in the implant fall out or break the implant.