Implant Placement - The best dental restoration method but not everyone knows

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Implant placement is considered to be the best dental solution today, but do you truly know this method?

Implants considered to be a step up development, advanced technology in the dental industry in general, implant placement is an optimum solution for recovering lost teeth currently. But through a number of specific surveys, many people still do not understand what this method actually is or only vaguely.

So with dental implants - do you really understand this method of dentistry? Along with Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, let's review the information to see what you know is correct!

What is dental implant placement?

Dental Implant Placement, also known as Dental Implant placement, is considered the most successful, the most modern and the best dental restoration to date.

Implants are made of Titanium compound that integrated into the jaw to replace the extracted root to form a solid foundation for the crown which functions as a real root to support the crown, dental bridges, and even removable dentures. Once the implant fixture has fully integrated and fixed into the jaw bone, the dentist will attach the crowns on the top to create a complete set of teeth.

Dental Implant Placement

Cases that should have implant placement

  • Loosing one tooth or multiple isolated teeth
  • Loosing two adjacent teeth
  • Loosing multiple adjacent teeth
  • Complete teeth lost

What is the structure of dental implant?


Implant fixture

Acting as a root made of Titanium compounds, ensure health safety and can last forever. 

The dental implant has an oblong shape with threading similar to screw. Implant's structure helps accelerates the process of bone integration, connecting it to the jaw as a real root.


A metal part with attachments on two sides for the implant fixture on one side and crown on the other. When the implant has successfully integrated into the bone, the doctor will procede to fixed the Abutment on to the implant.


The crown will be attached to the Implant fixture via the Abutment. The crown will have shape, color, and size that identical to the real teeth.

Depending on the needs and finances, the patient will choose the appropriate type of dental crowns (Titanium or Zirconia porcelain) for restoration.

Why should you choose dental implants to restore missing teeth?


Ensure cosmetic identical to real teeth

Implanted teeth have shape, size and natural colors like real teeth, hard to tell apart with the naked eye. Help the patient become confident, comfortable in daily communication without the embarrassment of missing teeth.

Fully restore dental functions and ensure safety

Safely compatible with the body: Implant material is Titanium and porcelain to help prevent irritation of the oral cavity causing swelling of the gums and does not cause any side effects to the body.

Restore dental functions: These two materials help to keep the fixture firm and rigid, prevent oxidation in the acidic environment. Completely restore functions (chewing force in eating, wind resistance, prevent difficulty in speaking)

Prevent alveolar bone loss

Patients with missing teeth without being replaced with new teeth, the structure of the jaw will change, the bone will gradually wear away. If treated with dental placement, the structure of the jaw will be preserved, preventing bone loss, providing a stronger jaw.

Do not affect the adjacent teeth

Dental implant placement is a procedure that is completely independent without the need for intervention or support of the adjacent teeth, ensure a non-invasive treatment, does not require teeth trimming, does not cause sensitivity to the surrounding teeth.

Long-lasting durability

Implanted teeth are durable and effective: According to research, restoring teeth using this method will have a long-lasting result, even permanent if properly cared for under the guidance of the doctor. Patients can eat and speak normally.

Dental implant procedure at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

The implant procedure at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic always guarantees accuracy, strict according to international standards. The conditions needed during implant placementare guaranteed at the best level.

Step 1: General examination and counseling.

Step 2: Panorex scan and cone beam CT scan to examine jaw bone condition.

Step 3: Analyze the images, give feedback to the customer about the result.

Step 4: Get an impression of the teeth and plan the ideal implant position for each case.

Step 5: Formulate a treatment regimen.

Step 6: Implant surgery.

  • Apply local-anesthetic imported from France.
  • Use Simplant 3D implant software to have an accurate implant placement.
  • The Piezotome ultrasound system provides a painless procedure and quick healing wound.

Step 7: Create dental crowns and secure the crowns on to the implants.

Step 8: Provide guidance on dental care at home and schedule a follow-up visit.

The dental implant process at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

For more than 20 years, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic has successfully treated more than 10,000 implant cases, performed directly by Dr. Vo Van Nhan - Graduated Master Implant at UCLA - USA. The first doctor in Vietnam successfully performed the 3 most special and complex implant procedure: Nerve repositions for implant placement, Zygomatic implant and dental implant for Antonia (no teeth since birth) patient.

To better understand the dental implant method as well as any dental problem, please contact Nhan Tam Dental Clinic right away for a detail consultation from experts free of charge.