Is placing dental crown over decayed teeth good?

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Hello doctor, my teeth are decayed, I want to go for treatment, I went to the dentist near my house to check, the doctor said I need porcelain crowns. However, I often hear that tooth decay is treated with dental fillings, can you help me answer the question of whether porcelain crowns are good? I sincerely thank the doctor! (Le Nghia – Thanh Hoa)


Dear Le Nghia, thank you for trusting us to share your concerns with Nhan Tam dental clinic. Regarding the problem of whether porcelain crowns are good, we will give you specific answers as follows:

Normally, with decayed teeth, the doctor will prescribe the use of composite fillings to prevent the attack of bacteria that cause tooth decay. The method of filling is done very quickly, just the doctor cleans the tooth decay, then fills and shapes the tooth to restore the original tooth shape.

Is placing dental crown over decayed teeth good?

Porcelain crowns for decayed teeth will help maintain the maximum durability of real teeth. And fillings for caries only apply most effectively for cases of small, temporary cavities, after a while if you do not clean your mouth properly, tooth decay may recur.

Besides, dental filling materials also quickly peel, break, and easily change color over time. At this time, the doctor will recommend you to use porcelain crowns for decayed teeth to ensure the most lasting effect for your decayed teeth.

Porcelain for tooth decay by what technology?

CAD/CAM technology is developed by the Sirona system of Germany, has been on the market for a long time and has been continuously improved over time. Up to now, this technology has been integrated with many features to bring patients the highest treatment efficiency, including the following outstanding advantages:

  • Dental restorations are 100% accurate, porcelain teeth have a high degree of closeness to neighboring teeth.
  • Highly aesthetic, porcelain teeth have a delicate structure, accurate to every detail, natural shape and color like real teeth, no discoloration over time.
  • Limit tooth grinding to only 0.6mm while the traditional method of porcelain coating must be as much as 1.2mm.
  • Quick design, porcelain teeth can be completed in the same day, minimizing treatment time. The old method takes a long time to manufacture and is difficult to control accuracy because of many manual steps.
  • Repair is quick and easy because porcelain tooth data is saved on the software, no need to go through many steps as before.

In addition, in order for the method of porcelain crowns for decayed teeth to have the most lasting results, you must pay attention to daily oral care such as: brushing 3 times a day, flossing to clean, use a fluoride toothpaste to keep your teeth strong. In particular, you need to have regular dental check-ups every 6 months so that the doctor can check the effectiveness of porcelain crown technique for decayed teeth.

Porcelain crown method is currently being preferred by many customers at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic with the desire to own beautiful teeth, giving you a more confident smile. Please contact us immediately for specific advice.