Medical ethics: please judge us right

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 679
"With our medical care, thousands of lives have been saved without the pain of a loss, and it has become ever more true over the past few months that bad things have happened". These are the heartfelt words of Dr. Tran Van Phuc, who is working at Saint Paul Hospital (Hanoi).

From the case of 3 infants died after hepatitis B vaccination, to "clone blood test results", culminating in the doctors throwing customers into the river to kill, made the public opinion Aroused waves of domestic violence.

My colleagues have to say that there are no unhappy industries like medicine, never had the medical industry as unhappy today! Every morning to the hospital, the white dresses have become quiet and closed, no real happy smile, no good meals, parties or social gatherings. Canceled. The society is not calm enough to say the words of sympathy for the industry, from the people to the leaders are expressing anger, feeling unsettled, no longer believe in anyone in the medical profession.

Did our medical profession have lost respect, lost the standard, lost the moral? These questions flew into our hearts, putting the whole society at risk, trying to explain the terrible things that had happened. And it seems that it was not difficult to find the right name for the disease that medicine is suffering from, which is a red alert disease of ethical disaster!

As a person in the industry, I realize that there is a great distance between social appreciation of us and what we think and dedicate. This gap has made complex problems for us, for the sick, for the whole society. Witnessing all the emotional levels of so many true co-workers, I decided to write this article to share with people outside the medical profession, so that we try to find common voice, close together, hold together hand towards difficult goals in the future; Instead of you criticizing us for grievances.

A liver transplant at Viet Duc Hospital

About our mistakes

The case of three newborn babies in Quang Tri province that died the same time after hepatitis B vaccination shocked the whole society. We are so hurt, how can not not be shocked! I have witnessed many seriously ill grandchildren who have been hospitalized for a long time, who treat me as a child, and when my grandchildren died, the whole department cried, even the most stable male doctors could not hold back their tears. But just in a moment, the mistakes of our colleagues have killed the lives of three innocent children, asking who can turn a blind eye?

It may happen that outsiders do not know what we do, but in our industry we strictly discipline those who commit wrongdoing. Naturally, any patient who dies we do the same, This is the medical ethics from the Hippocrates to the present day that the world is obeyed. Now that more authorities have investigated clearly about their death, it is also extremely important work, not the purpose is to punish those who make mistakes wrong, but to the Their dead do not make sense to raise the last voice to save the baby in the same scene.

So there was no injustice to us, as before the results of the investigation were published recently, for nearly 3 months since the incident occurred, here one can still make our whole industry corrupt, Do you think your life is no more than a few dollars?

This photo was taken in 1987, after 23 hours of a heart transplant, Dr. Zbigniew Religa is observing the monitoring to ensure patient safety. Note that his assistant is sleeping. This photo was viewed by National Geographics as the most beautiful.

The task of the doctor is to save people, forbidden to be harmed, not to kill. The case of "human blood test" at Hoai Duc Hospital, our colleagues clearly wrong, can not be disputed. But analyzing the nature of the incident, there are three scenarios. Firstly, the test aims to diagnose and treat the disease. This is a do not tolerate the earth, it is the act of harming people, even the act of killing. Secondly, the test to complete the medical records as prescribed, or to complete the medical records, it is the fault of administrative management are many inadequacies. Thirdly, use of test results as a basis for outpatients who are familiar with taking out medical insurance, withdrawing insurance funds from the source of money for a false test, is an act of taking Corruption.

The investigation agency published the results, with no tests available for the diagnosis of the disease, no patient was affected by the effects of the "human" results, ie not first case The purpose of "duplication of the test" is also indicated by the investigating authorities as belonging to the second and third situations, which are management errors and corrupt behavior. From crime to criminal constituency is a matter that the investigating body must be very careful when considering to make a decision.

Ironically, Hoai Duc Hospital "cloned test" to withdraw health insurance, the amount less than 20 million for a whole year, divided by several hundred employees, but that behavior must still constitute a crime for the entire 10 people to be prosecuted. Why is there such a bad joke? The problem is that the hospital fee for many years is unreasonable, along with the management of society in general and the health sector in particular are inadequate that the scope of this article I can not mention. Our most painful thing is that the "human cloning test" occurred immediately after the vaccination, do not know how real damage but public opinion has broken our ethics a fall failed to recover floating, causing people to lose faith in medicine.

People are not patient enough waiting for the investigation to come to a conclusion, not enough patience waiting for the court to make a ruling, not enough generous to have a look of tolerance and multi-dimensional. People just rely on "shocking" articles published daily to criticize us with the harshest words, to consider our colleagues more evil than professional killers, but nobody The more socially responsible we are, the more likely we are to be injured or injured by 10 colleagues. It is not difficult to answer the question: are 10 people prosecuted, are they really criminals or just victims of a society still heavy on prejudice and prejudice?

Doctors, even with a non-inflammatory appendicitis, must also keep the specimen, accept the discipline, and no one throws away the specimen, even if it can lie is a mouse. When reading the news, Dr. Tuong threw the customer down the Red River to mourn, that day I was in the hospital, feeling like falling, leaving dinner, all night and the next day did not dazzle the eyes. Every day I always follow information to see if the family found Huyen not yet? I also pray God bless her to find her way home with the family, so that the medical profession we are somewhat relaxed.

Me and Tuong are in the same class, different class, same age, but do not play together. On receiving the diploma from Medical University, our 252 new doctors put their left hand on their chest, read Hippocrates oath swiftly, and handed it one by one to Master Mori Bach. When practicing, take a picture with the teacher. Working out at Hospital E, then Bach Mai Hospital is the place where medical ethics are top priority, colleagues and some patients have said Dr. Wall is a professional, gentle, warmth love with the sick

So what makes a good doctor an unforgivable crime?

From the sources, I learned that Tuong had a difficult family situation, his father was infected with Agent Orange, his mother was sick, and 3 sisters, they also suffered from illness from his father. I have to carry everything all by myself. Had circumstances plunged him into the vortex of money, then from then on he continually make mistakes systematic? From untranslated, unlicensed, untrustworthy advertising to misleading customers, the ads themselves come back to fooling you into mistaking your ability. When the accident occurred, he had to put the patient's life first, then he put his life and career on the sick and did something that no one could accept.

Gratitude letter from the patient to the medical staff on Vietnamese Doctors' Day

Be fair to us

Medicine is the science of human health, it is special but not perfect because knowledge is always changing, information is uncertain, the individual can make mistakes, the life of medical staff always Faced with dangerous risks. When a medical problem occurs, the patient always thinks that he or she is the victim and only asks for it, never thinking that there are times when the patient is the cause of the problem and the need. We must share the burden with the medical staff. Disasters and technical errors are common and sometimes difficult to identify. Negative in medical science is unavoidable, but if seen only as negative, the invisible medium has narrowed the operating space of the medical profession, which will affect not only the medical staff, but even the sick. must also bear the losses are not worth it.

Doctor Tuong, the co-workers of the "test replication" and the hepatitis B vaccination, will have fair hearing laws. It is necessary for the entire medical profession to take our lesson, but if we try to push those corrupt bodies into the muddy darkness or trample on the whole medical ethics Are we harming our spirituality and prestige, is it a matter that you need to calm down to think that it is really fair to us?

Last week, a French musician told me that he had learned about Vietnam through some Vietnamese films about war, something he disagreed with in the Vietnamese view was always there. extreme, always black and white. He agreed that the French domination of Vietnam was wrong and not righteous, but not the French came to Vietnam only to cause death and do all the bad. It is not that American soldiers are bloodthirsty, many have protested and supported Vietnam. The story of the French musician reminded me of a more multidimensional, calm, objective, generous, and humane perspective on what matters most, such as our ethical issues today. this is the same

Here it is said that medical ethics now no longer believe in anyone else, all corrupt and corrupt. We think differently, Dr. Tuong represents the few who have fallen into the wrong moments, and the whole team of genuine doctors are quietly ignoring all the contempt of society. To continue to devote ourselves to the medical care of our country, even though it is very poor, there are some areas such as surgery, endoscopy, cardiovascular, imaging, cardiovascular and electrical interventions. Interventions, which are specialized in Vietnam are high enough to face the world.

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