The story of a guy nearly lost his wife due to lack of confidence

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Too self-conscious about his appearance, he said goodbye to her because: I am not confident when walking beside you.

Social media is where you and I meet. We have a true online love: No face-to-face - no dating, just simple phone calls, random messages without beginning or end. Just like that, you and I love each other when or not. I want to meet you, hold your hand, and confess my feelings, but I have an indescribable sadness, that sadness has stuck with me for more than 20 years.

One day, you will definitely ask to meet me. At this moment, I am really worried about what to do because many times I have used excuses not to see you. And this time I couldn't refuse.

The reason why I didn't want to see her was that from a young age I was unlucky to have yellow and dark teeth due to tetracycline infection - the result of antibiotic infection. I have searched and tried many teeth whitening methods but none of them worked but only made my teeth more sensitive…

And then whatever comes must come. The day we met, she always smiled and talked happily, and I just "uncharacteristically" responded with nods and smiles reluctantly. But at the moment of "inadvertently smiling" revealing my "yellow" teeth, I was so embarrassed, I wanted to "run away" from you immediately.

After that day, I texted her a message "I'm not confident walking with you" and cut off contact with her. She was very sad, she tried every way to text and call me but I did not respond. That love of her really touched me and made me love her even more.

And in that desperation, I was determined to change myself. I went online and then went to a reputable cosmetic dental clinic to find a way to save my teeth. I finally found a way to get rid of those dark, yellowed teeth, I finally have whiter teeth than ever.

I mustered up the courage to meet her again, hoping for her forgiveness and her words made me feel very touched "I love you not because of your appearance, but because of your sincerity". Love has given us faith and strength to walk the same path, and a happy wedding with our boundless happiness after a long time of love.

A Smile from the Heart. The story wants to remind us of one thing: when you really like someone, the power of love will help you overcome all inferiority complexes.

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