General warranty policy

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To evaluate the service quality and reliability of a dental clinic, warranty policy is a factor that should not be overlooked. A clear warranty policy will protect the customers' interests, as well as minimize the cost if problems are to occurred.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is a dental center entrusted by many people. With a team of doctors over 20 years of experience, spacious facilities, modern machinery - equipment which was invested synchronously, attentive customer care, etc. We always provide the best services to our customers.

In order to bring a healthy smile and ensure customers' benefits when using services at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, we guarantee warranty coverage and dedicated care with the best supporting-policies.

For each product and service, Nhan Tam offers its own warranty policies with clear and specific terms and conditions:

With a team of doctors over 20 years of experience, modern machinery, Nhan Tam dental clinic has satisfied many customers

General warranty conditions

Customers who used Nhan Tam products and services within the warranty period.

Customers with valid, intact warranty card, the information on the card matches the data that is managed by Nhan Tam dental clinic.

A customer who used dental services at Nhan Tam dental clinic

Warranty terms and conditions

Come to Nhan Tam for dental examinations, x-rays (if required), dental care and hygiene services periodically every 6 months.

Perform dental care at home according to the doctor's instruction.

Patients should follow dental care instruction at home provided by the doctor

This warranty does not cover

Cases of oral hygiene negligent (smoking, improper oral hygiene, etc.).

Customers who did not have follow-up periodic visits according to instructions.

The appearance of other diseases that affect dental condition after finishing treatment (diabetes, osteoporosis, radiation therapy, epilepsy, bruxism, etc.)

Injuries due to accidents, sports or other causes.

Natural degeneration of teeth or gums.

Earlier treatments are not performed by Nhan Tam dental clinic.

Cases of changing treatment result after agreeing with the previous one.

Treatments performed according to the customers' request even though it was warned against

Intervention from another clinic before returning to Nhan Tam.

Cases that do not follow the doctor's instructions such as smoking will not be covered by the warranty policy

Customers after having dental treatments (Implants, Crowns, Orthodontics, Fillings, Removable dentures, etc.) at Nhan Tam Dental clinic will be issued a warranty card corresponding to the type of treatment the customer had. On the warranty card, there will be information such as Customer's name, Warranty period, position and number of teeth restored. In addition, the warranty card also contains the warranty numbers, making it easier for customers to search for their warranty information on the Nhan Tam dental clinic website.