Teach elementary students to brush their teeth properly

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On the afternoon of February 24, the training session for students in dental care at Son Cang Primary School (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) closed the program "Extra-curricular class on how to brush teeth" for the second time by Tuoi Tre newspaper. Children and Mainichi newspaper (Japan), sponsored by LION Dental Group.

“We are very concerned about the health of children in Vietnam, so we have cooperated with Tuoi Tre newspaper to organize a program to teach elementary students how to brush their teeth properly, educate Children form good habits to prevent tooth decay. This will reduce the cost of dental care for students," said Mr. Ueda Morifusa, a representative of Mainichi newspaper.

Learn to brush your teeth with a Japanese dentist

The second "Extra-curricular class on brushing teeth" took place from February 20 to 24 at five primary schools in Ho Chi Minh City including Le Ngoc Han Primary School (District 1), Primary School. Chi Linh Primary School (Phu Nhuan District), Trung Nhat Primary School (Phu Nhuan District), Tan Son Nhat Primary School, and Son Cang Primary School belong to Tan Binh District.

At Son Cang Primary School, the extracurricular lesson on brushing teeth started with fun games and some dental questions. When the host asked: “What are teeth used for?”; “What foods are bad for teeth?”; "To prevent tooth decay, what should we do?", hundreds of hands raised in unison, excitedly.

In particular, when two children's dentists, Maki and Yurina from Japan, taught them how to brush their teeth properly, making the children "Oh" surprised and delighted.

"In our mouths, there are a lot of bacteria, when we eat, food and bacteria will create tartar and cause us to get cavities," said Yurina, pointing to the illustrations. “Do you see the black bacteria moving? They live in our teeth." Many students were afraid to cover their eyes: "Wow, that's terrible!". Maki then said: “So to protect our teeth, we have to brush our teeth properly. Children need to pay attention to three points when brushing their teeth.

- First, the brush must touch the teeth and especially the intersections between the teeth and gums.

- The second point is that you brush your teeth gently

- The third point is to brush teeth with a small distance, 2 or 3 teeth at a time, do not pull forcefully from side to side. For each position, they have to brush back and forth about 20 times to get the lime and bacteria out of the teeth."

At the bottom, the students listened attentively and practiced brushing under the guidance of two children's dentists.

Students of Son Cang Primary School learn to brush their teeth with a children's dentist from Japan

After practicing brushing teeth with two dental nurses, the part the students look forward to the most is interacting with Pikachu. When Pikachu did not come out, many children were excitedly standing still, looking from one corner of the schoolyard to the other corner of the schoolyard to find out where Pikachu was "hiding".

Keep your brush clean

"Pikachu! Pikachu," the whole school called out in unison. Everyone's face was filled with excitement. The atmosphere really exploded when Pikachu appeared and danced with the students in vibrant and joyful music. Some children excitedly dance with Pikachu but still do not forget to carefully put their toothbrushes in their pockets.

While looking at the students learning to brush their teeth, Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Hien, principal of Son Cang Primary School, smiled and shared: "The oral health of primary-school-age students is extremely important. . Therefore, the school is very interested in oral health care for students, and at the same time, the school also focuses on the issue of propagating and guiding children to take care of their teeth."

In all five primary schools, after learning how to brush their teeth, students are taught how to use and maintain toothbrushes.

“The toothbrush after use must be washed and kept in a cool, non-mold place. After today's lesson, please close the lid of your toothbrush and take it home and wash it thoroughly before using it", Ms. Yurina advised.

Japanese dentist instructs students of Son Cang Primary School to brush their teeth properly

At Le Ngoc Han Primary School, after instructing students to brush their teeth, Mr. Ueda Morifusa and Mr. Bui Duy Phuong, the school's principal, discussed about dental health care for elementary students. learning such as: at what age can children brush their own teeth, what kind of brush do they usually use, how often does the school cooperate with the dental-maxillofacial institute to guide them in taking care of their teeth.

Help students understand more about teeth

“In our school, by the first grade, most of the children already know how to brush their own teeth. However, they still do not brush properly, so sometimes, they hurt their gums and bleed," said teacher Bui Duy Phuong.

"The program "Extra-curricular class on how to brush teeth" is a very meaningful activity, helping the school educate children to form good habits to prevent tooth decay. The way of instruction of two teachers and cute cartoon friends created a lively and joyful atmosphere, attracting the attention and interest of the children. Through this extra-curricular session, I believe that the children will understand better about maintaining oral hygiene, and at the same time, they will remember it longer," added Mr. Phuong.

According to Tuoi Tre newspaper