Navigation technology in dental implant: Benefits for both patients and doctors

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Compared with the traditional implant method, implant placement using Navigation system not only assists doctors in implementing the surgery easily and accurately but also offers outstanding benefits in terms of chewing, aesthetics and safety for patients.

On the morning of Jun 19, 2020, the technology transfer ceremony of Dental implant navigation system between Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, Envista Corporation and Medent Company took place successfully.

This is the first dental implant navigation system in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and is considered the most advanced technology currently in Implant Dentistry. This technology offers outstanding advantages over traditional technique such as: 11 times more accurate; ensure absolute safety; help implant procedure takes place smoothly, painless, no swelling and shorten treatment time due to no need to make surgical guide stent.

In addition, the navigation system can also be used in all implant systems and allows doctors to change proper implant type during the surgery. This technique is also applied in extremely complex cases which cannot be restored by traditional

What is Dental implant navigation system?

Dental implant using Navigation technology (Dental implant navigation system) is a system integrating two CCTV cameras linked with 3D CT Cone Beam diagnostic imaging software, allowing doctors to see the position of the drill, correlation of the drill with patient’s anatomical structure live on the computer screen. Besides, this technology also has an audible alarm system, which sends out warning signals in case the drill goes further than the allowed length, so the doctor will be aware of this and adjust accordingly, thereby ensuring accuracy and absolute safety for patients.

Dental implant navigation system X-guide was first researched and introduced by Dr. Nardy Casap in 2004. Over 16 years with many improvements, today, this technology is considered the most advanced technology in dental implants and is applied in developed countries like the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, etc.

The event of Dental implant navigation system technology transfer took place on the morning of June 19, 2020 at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic marked an advancement in the Vietnamese dentistry in the world because this is the first Navigation system in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Dental implant navigation system offers many benefits for both doctors and patients?

Compared with the traditional implant technique, Navigation system brings many outstanding benefits for both doctors and patients.

Dental implant navigation system offers many benefits for both doctors and patients

With the traditional implant technology, it will take one week for doctors to create the surgical guide stent in order to locate exactly positions for implant placement before the surgery. Sometimes the risk that can be encountered is that the stent does not fit, in that case, doctor have to wait for a new surgical guide stent. Meanwhile, X-Guide Dynamic 3D navigation system allows doctors to implement implant surgery within one appointment without surgical guide stent.

“Navigation system is equipped with CCTV camera tracking the operation of the drill when drilling into jaw bones, so that doctors can see the position of the drill, the correlation of the drill with patient’s anatomical structure, helping implants are place in accurate position, avoiding complications such as touching nerves, blood vessel, sinuses, …, ensuring patient’s safety,” said Dr. Vo Van Nhan – Director of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic.

Dr. Vo Van Nhan is implementing dental implant using Navigation System

According to a research conducted by Dr. Robert et al. in 2016, the accuracy of X-guide navigation is 11 times higher than that of the traditional implant (implant without supported devices). The result is published in the Journal of Oral Implantology (JOI) – a well-known scientific publication of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). Thanks to this precision, it’s easy for teeth on implant to achieve aesthetics and high load-bearing capacity. Using navigation system, the implant procedure takes place gently, reduces swollen, injury, discomfort, and shortens healing time. Hence, ensuring the patient’s safety when placing dental implant.

Especially, Dental implant navigation system can be applied to extreme complicated cases that cannot use traditional implant technique such as: patients with maxillofacial cancer who had undergone maxillectomy (removing the upper jawbone segment), patients with severe bone resorption, implant position is close to mandibular nerve, patients with limited mouth opening, implant in posterior areas,…

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