Navigation Technology in Dental Implant Surgery – Having teeth after only an hour

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Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is the leading and pioneering clinic in Vietnam and Southeast Asia successfully applying navigation technology in dental implant surgery.

Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery is currently the most advanced technology in Dental Implant, helping the implant surgery taken place in safety, accuracy, pain-free; besides, the restorations are durable and stable, ensure a long-term result.

Moreover, when implementing implant surgery using a navigation system, dentists do not need to spend extra time making surgical guide, therefore shortening the time of surgery, and patients can have teeth after only 1 hour.

What is Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery?

Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery is considered the most advanced technology today in Dental Implant thanks to the great advantages this technology brings. Compared with the traditional Implant technique, there are a lot of benefits using Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery to patients, such as: 11 times more accurate, ensure safety, pain-free, shorten treatment time, and reduce complication as well as discomfort for patients.

There are a lot of great benefits using Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery to patients

In addition, Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery (X-Guide Dynamic 3D Implant Navigation) is not only applicable for common tooth loss cases but also very useful for complex situations such as:

Patients with maxillofacial cancer and patients who had undergone maxillectomy (removing the upper jawbone segment) need to do zygomatic implant – the surgery area is difficult to observe.

Patients with jawbone resorption, insufficient bone volume and bone height, implant position is close to mandibular nerve;

Patients with limited mouth opening, implant in posterior areas, etc.

Dental Implant surgery using Navigation technology, having teeth after only 1 hour

With traditional implant technique, in order to locate the accurate position for implant placement, the dentist will have to design a surgical guide stent before performing the surgery. This will take extra time to make the surgical guide stent and sometimes the risk can be encountered when the stent does not suit. When this happens, the whole process of making a surgical guide stent has to start all over again.

This will take a lot of time when performing a dental implant for patient with tooth loss, especially fully edentulous patients.

Customer N.T.H expressed his feelings after 15 minutes placing implant using Navigation technology performed by Dr. Vo Van Nhan at the event on June 19, 2020.

Meanwhile, Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery X-guide links with CT Cone Beam diagnostic imaging software. The system is also equipped a CCTV camera system that helps dentists tracking the drill’s activities when drilling into the bones so that dentists can observe the drill position in relation to the anatomical structure of the patient.

In addition, the system will sound an alarm when the drill goes further than the allowed length, helping avoid complications like: damage nerves, blood vessels, maxillary sinuses and eye sockets get into contact with the drill. Therefore, implant is placed up to 0.1mm accuracy, ensure absolute safety, shorten treatment time to 1 appointment instead of 2 or 3 appointments as before because there is no time wasted for making surgery guide stent. As a result, patients can have teeth after only 1 hour.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic take the lead in the Industry 4.0 – The trusted Dental Implant Clinic for everyone

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is the first dental centre in Vietnam and Southeast Asia that has successfully applied Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery. This is also a milestone marking the remarkable development of Vietnamese dentistry in the world.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is a reliable centre for everyone that has been trusted by customers.

At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, customers will have a chance to experience the modern technology in dental implant with leading implant experts in Vietnam:

Dr. Vo Van Nhan – Leading dental implant expert in Vietnam will directly give patients examination, consultation and treatment. Dr. Nhan is one of four doctors in the world who performed simultaneously the two most difficult techniques in implant dentistry: transpositioning mandibular nerve and zygomatic implant placement on the same patient. He also successfully performed over 20,000 complex implant cases.

Digital applications in dental implant treatment: 3D CT Cone Beam imaging system helps to evaluate the whole anatomical structure such as: jawbone, jaw sinus, nerve, blood vessel system, etc., in the most accurate; Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery (X-guide) assist the implant placement surgery to be accurate, safe and fast, etc.

The European standard LAB room right at the clinic is equipped with an computer-aided-design and computer-aided-manufacturing (CAD/CAM), giving patients beautiful natural teeth, shorten procedure time compared with traditional methods.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic is one of the clinics in Vietnam that built a closed sterile system meeting international standards, ensures strict sterility and eliminates cross-contamination.

Nhan Tam Dental Clinic built an international standard closed sterile system

Attentive customer service, dedicated care and dedicated treatment.

Assisting instalment payment with 0% interest rate and offering free transportation during treatment time for customers.

Patients will have more benefits in placing implant with Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery compared to traditional technique. If you are in need for dental treatments or want to learn more about Navigation technology in Dental Implant Surgery, please call Hotline 1900 56 5678 or come to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for a free consultation and examination.