Porcelain crowns consultation

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Porcelain cosmetic crowns is a beauty method received by many patients. However, the results depend on ceramic material, patients' clinical condition as well as the treated doctor. We offer a few tips to help you choose the right place for your dental cosmetic treatment.

The elements that make the porcelain crown work effectively

To achieve aesthetic results, should have the following elements:

Good root canal treatment.

The grinding process has to perform correctly, not too much, perfect shape.

Accurate Marking: need to embed the dental cord to separate the gums and limit the ground teeth, sometimes need to insert twice. Besides that, when marking to combine liquid rubber and solid rubber according to two techniques:

  • 1 or more teeth: mark 1 time.
  • Whole jaw: mark 2 times.

Pour the sample accurately.

Correct lab molding.

Highly experienced doctors, harmonious combination of porcelain crowns and your gums, suitable color with your skin and smile.

Porcelain crowns at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

With modern machinery system and equipment, Nhan Tam dental clinic satisfies the general international standard and dental cosmetic dentistry. Our doctors perform the porcelain crowns correctly follow the CT 5-dimensional international procedure maximizing the combination of manipulation and modern machinery system to ensure safety and the highest effect for our customers.

1. Good root canal

Why do you need root canal procedure? Because porcelain crowns process needs to grind the surface tooth layer that affects the pulp. So the patients who have the large root canal should take out the pulp before the process to prevent pulp inflection.

Curettage plays an important role in cosmetic dental prosthetics

2. Gringding process

Grinding is very important in porcelain crowns process. The reshaped tooth is not too small and has good retention. This process usually performs after the root canal, include some exceptions. During the grinding process, you might feel uncomfortable because of the strange feeling when your teeth lost a surface layer. After grinding and marking, you will have temporary teeth while waiting for your new porcelain teeth.

3. Marking

After grinding, the next step is marking. To correctly mark, the necessary is inserting the dental cord, sometimes need to enter the dental cord two times.

4. Accurate samples

The plaster sample base on the plastic mark and the LAB will use this sample to perform the porcelain crowns procedure. Each stage is related to each other so any wrong step affects each other.

The marking technique and the teeth emulator will determine the precision and correction of porcelain crowns after the restoration process.

5. Accurate LAB molding

The dental clinic will perform all of these steps and the LAB makes the porcelain crown. Normally, the long dental bridge requires testing before attaching the porcelain to ensure close fitting of the gums.

6. The experienced experience

Before each case, the doctor must understand the patient's wishes and know how to achieve the best results.

After the treatment, the result that satisfies the patients is perfect front teeth, the shape of the new tooth harmonize with the others as well as the color.

Hopefully, the information above will help you know better about porcelain crowns and to be easier to decide the proper dental cosmetic restoration. Any question, please contact us at numberphone: 1900 56 5678.