Replacement of existing crowns

Author: Dr. Nhan Tam View: 445
Maxillary anterior crowns often need to be replaced after several years of service esthetic or functional reasons. With the growing esthetic awareness of patients and the available ceramic technology, this type of retreatment is becoming common in the dental office.

The clinical case performed by Dr. Vo Van Nhan

An 34 years old man patient request treatment for his existing crowns. He reported the crowns were too long and the vertical overlap was excessive and the gingival outline was abnormal.

The treatment sequence for this case:

  • Remove the existing crowns.
  • Reprepare the abutments for the proper reduction and scale and root plane.
  • Determine periodontal surgery.
  • Reevaluate pulp status.
  • Complete final restorations.

After periodontal surgery 2 weeks, final restorations were completed with all ceramic crowns.

Final treatment result make our patient happy because he is confident in his smile.

* The effecitveness of treatment depends on each person's particular health condition