Should porcelain crowns over dark teeth?

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Hello doctor, I am 23 years old this year, my teeth are slightly crooked and dark. I smile very badly and lose confidence in my teeth. I wonder if bad, dark teeth should be covered with porcelain crowns? Doctor can you help me? (Phuong Linh – Quang Binh)


Dear Phuong Linh, thank you for your trust in sending questions to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic. Wondering if your bad, dark teeth should be covered with porcelain teeth, we will answer specifically as follows:

Porcelain crowns are a method applied to overcome many defects of teeth in an aesthetic way. However, if you're unsure whether your issue should be covered by porcelain teeth, the best way you should still go to the dentist. This is because we do not yet know exactly how bad your teeth are, if they are lame, misaligned or not, so it is important that the doctors have to observe them directly before giving them to you exact advice.

Porcelain crowns bring natural white teeth

According to Phuong Linh's description, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic will provide you with some basic information about porcelain crowns and cases where porcelain crowns are needed.

  • Indications for porcelain crowns in case of large decay or broken teeth. In this case, the filling service cannot fix all the disadvantages and is not long-lasting, easily falling off. The doctor will grind the tooth down and put a porcelain crown on top of the real tooth, also known as a porcelain crown. If the tooth is severely decayed leading to pulpitis, it is necessary to treat the pulp before treatment.
  • Indications for porcelain crowns for teeth that are dead pulp. Teeth that have died of pulp loss of elasticity will become brittle, break easily and turn black. This condition is not only unsightly, but if broken, it can also cause the whole tooth to shift. Porcelain crowns to help strengthen teeth, chewing function is not affected.
  • In case the tooth is stained (tetracycline staining, smoking, defective tooth surface is not shiny, darkened or yellowed …), the real enamel layer will be reduced to apply porcelain veneers. Compared with conventional porcelain crowns, using porcelain veneers will not need to grind too many real teeth.
  • In case the teeth are sparse, malformed, crowded, tilted, misaligned or chipped, porcelain crowns will be applied to recreate the appearance of the teeth to be even with the whole teeth. At that time, the dentist will grind a part of the real tooth and the porcelain crown is made according to the impression of the molars upwards to restore the aesthetics of the teeth.
  • In your case, if your teeth are so dark that they cannot be bleached, then porcelain crowns are still an optimal solution.

Porcelain teeth have the same color and shape as real teeth

If you are in the above cases, porcelain crown is the best way to fix it. When the teeth in any position are damaged or have abnormal problems, they will also quickly reduce their hardness, the ability to chew is not guaranteed and create conditions for dental disease to develop. Therefore, you should go for porcelain crowns because this is not only a measure to restore the natural beauty of your teeth but also ensure your chewing function.

Come to Nhan Tam Dental Clinic for advice and thorough examination, the doctors after examination will give the most accurate results possible. Wish you soon have beautiful teeth and a confident smile.