Should use full porcelain teeth or metal porcelain?

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Hi, I am 38 years old and intend to re-grow two front teeth because of a fracture in the accident, but I have to consult and am wondering whether to use full porcelain or metal porcelain is that better? Look forward to hearing from your doctor. (Quoc Viet - Quang Binh)


Thank you for your trust and for sending us your questions. ForesightShould use full porcelain teeth or metal porcelain, we will give specific advice as follows.

In the dentistry, not all materials meet the aesthetic and dental endurance requirements. Up to now, two materials have been used to fill bridges and porcelain crowns (metal for interior ribs to help restore solidity) and porcelain (exterior for aesthetics).

Aesthetic porcelain dental treatment for broken, broken, deep,... teeth

However, not all metals are compatible with the gums and the higher aesthetic requirements require that porcelain materials have more superior optical properties.

A high-tech material, Zirconium Oxide, with rigid and bio-compatible properties has been used extensively in high-tech industries (such as shell-building, disc brakes in racing cars), and y (artificial joints). Today this material is widely used in dentistry thanks to CERCON Smart Ceram technology.

Ceramic-metal or porcelain imitation?

Porcelain implantation has been used extensively in the past few decades to help meet the needs of dental prostheses. However, with the requirement of using materials with better bio-compatibility and aesthetics, CERCON is considered the best choice. CERCON is indicated for cases of loss of front teeth and the posterior teeth of up to 47mm, corresponding to bridge lengths of 6 to 8 units - depending on the size of the teeth.With superior aesthetics, durability and functionality, CERCON is the ideal solution for aesthetic restorations.

Full-toothed teeth provide aesthetic appearance after restoration

The tests on the biological compatibility of CERCON and Zirconia (the major component of CERCON porcelain and have been used in patients for the last 20 years), so far have not found any allergies. on patient.Allergic reactions commonly seen in metal restorations are completely eliminated when reconstituted with CERCON material.

The other properties of CERCON porcelain such as resistance to plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth, clean teeth, no interaction with other materials in the mouth and cold and hot insulation for restoration with CERCON compatible Better yet, with the oral environment.

Aesthetic and functional

According to Dr. Vo Van Nhan: Not only has the rigidity and biocompatibility characteristics, the aesthetic factor and the ability to maintain chewing function is considered a decisive factor when selecting prosthetic restorations. CERCON.

CERCON Ceram Kiss Ceramics have natural features such as natural teeth that bring CERCON beauty to life as real teeth.This property is expressed in all lighting conditions. High-tech at an optimum cost.

Previously, the production process of dental crowns with Zirconia material was done at a very high cost. The introduction of the CERCON Smart Ceramics system has made it possible for the cost of materials made with this advanced material to be more readily accepted by everyone. At present, the cercon porcelain is preferred by doctors and patients due to the aesthetics and cost acceptable.

Advantages of CERCON porcelain restoration

Optimum aesthetics with matte finish, color saturation and ideal opal properties like real teeth. Do not create a dark glazed border often as metal restoration for a long time.Special soft enamel layer does not wear the real teeth opposite. Excellent biological compatibility with Zirconia has been used widely in the art of artificial joints. High accuracy with CAD/CAM system - Design and manufacture of zirconia frames under the supervision and support of the computer.

All-ceramic porcelainis highly aesthetic.Porcelain non-metallic, color like dentin.In particular, the porcelain has many lines with different aesthetics, white levels vary according to skin color and lip color of many people. Therefore, with non-metal porcelain, people with missing teeth will have more options to get the most beautiful and natural dental prosthesis.

CAD/CAM System

In addition to many other advantages, thewhole dental porcelain also ensure safety with the body. Non-metallic porcelain has only a single component, has been proven to cause no irritation to the gums, tongue and cheek. In the acidic environment and color composition of food, dental porcelain is not modified in terms of color and composition. Therefore, porcelain teethhave been shown to be safe with the body.

Due to the color and composition changes, and with maximum strength, porcelain teeth can survive for decades without dulling, worn out, shaky. If you can grow porcelain teeth with good technology, good dental care, porcelain teeth can last a long time without any restoration.

With the information we have just released, you probably have the answer for yourself, is to use all-ceramic or porcelain teeth. If you have any concerns about oral health, contact us immediately for the best advice.