The implant placement procedure at Nhan Tam Dental Clinic

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The students from the United Kingdom have the opportunity to observe three-dimensional bone grafting techniques, sinus lift, perforated sinus repair surgery, combine with implant placement under the guidance of Dr. Vo Van Nhan.

Priyam Patel performing an implant surgery procedure under the guidance of Dr. Vo Van Nhan in August/2016

Implant placement is a common yet complex dental procedure. To complete the academic program and become a dentist at King's College - which is the third prestigious and oldest school in the UK, Students have to choose a reputable hospital or dental center in the world for internships to equip themselves with practical knowledge and clinical experiences. For 3 consecutive years, Nhan Tam Dental Clinic (Viet Nam) has received many dental students from the UK to study.

Priyam Patel - one of the students of King's College London shared, he chose to study at Nhat Tam Dental Clinic because of the good review of the other students in the intensive implant techniques under the direct guidance of Dr. Vo Van Nhan. "The unique clinical cases that Dr. Vo Van Nhan has successfully treated really attracted me," Priyam Patel add.

In this program, Dr. Vo Van Nhan (founder of Nhan Tam Dental Clinic) directly instructs and facilitates students of King's College London to observe the surgery procedure and expose them to complex implant placement cases: 3D bone grafts, sinus lift, sinus preparation repair combine with immediate implant placement.

Alexander performing an implant surgery procedure under the guidance of Dr. Vo Van Nhan in 2015

Priyam said he and his friends rarely had the chance to directly observe such complex surgery. At Nhan Tam Dental Clinic, this student has gained much experience when participating in the implant placement team under the guidance of Dr. Vo Van Nhan.

Bhavina Bhudia - a student who is also practicing in Vietnam, said: "We do not think we are lucky enough to observe such surgery directly. Moreover, our questions are answered very scientifically and dedicatedly by Dr. Nhan".

Prior to that, in 2014, King's College London students were instructed by Dr. Vo Van Nhan on lower jaw nerve reposition combine with implant placement

Besides learning, researching, the young students also have the opportunity to learn more about culture, tourism, and the Vietnamese people.

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